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Oct 24 – 29, 2022
Hoam Faculty House at Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA
Asia/Seoul timezone

Travel Information

Coming to Seoul National University 

You can use Incheon International Airport and take a bus or a train at the airport to get to Seoul National University HOAM FACULTY HOUSE


     If you get a taxi at Seoul City area, show the followings to the taxi driver:

  • 서울대학교 호암교수회관으로 가 주세요 (Please go to the HOAM faculty house  at Seoul National University)
  • 서울대학교로 가 주세요 (Please go to the Seoul National University)
  • 낙성대역으로 가 주세요 (Please go to the Naksungdae train station) 
  • XXX-로 가 주세요 (XXX-ro ga zu-se-yo: Please go to the XXX) 


     All taxies at Seoul city accept credit card (prepare some cash just in case).
     If you need a receipt please show the following to the taxi driver:

  • 영수증 주세요 (Please give me the receipt) 


Currency, ATMs, services etc 

  • 1USD ~ 1,300 KRW
  • Most (almost all) stores accept credit card
  • In general, there is no tipping culture in Korea (including taxi, restaurant, hotel services, unless otherwise specified)
  • What you see is what you pay (VAT already included in the price tag)