Workshop on Transatlantic Networking for the LHC Experiments

30/7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium (CERN)

30/7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium


Building 30 7th floor
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This workshop will review the requirements and plans, and the key issues that must be addressed to meet the needs for transatlantic networking for the LHC experiments over the next five years. Representatives of the experiments,leading user-groups, CERN, US LHCNet and major national and continental networks on both sides of the Atlantic will come together with the aim of developing a common vision. Operational requirements and architectural concepts will be discussed in order to arrive at concrete proposals for evolving the infrastructure of today to match the experiments developing computing models. This will be done in the context of changes on the world scene as the next generation of higher speed networks emerge during the next 5 years.

  • Alan Blatecky
  • Alan Stone
  • Alexander Gall
  • Artur Barczyk
  • Bruno Hoeft
  • Dantong Yu
  • David Foster
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Eric Boyd
  • Gerben van Malenstein
  • Guillaume Cessieux
  • Ian Fisk
  • Ian Gable
  • Iosif Legrand
  • James G Williams
  • Jan Willem Elion
  • Jean-Michel Jouanigot
  • Jerry Sobieski
  • Joe Metzger
  • John Shade
  • Julio Ibarra
  • Karin Schauerhammer
  • Kees Neggers
  • Ken Bloom
  • Klaus Ullmann
  • Kors Bos
  • Lars Fischer
  • Ludwig Pregernig
  • Olivier MARTIN
  • Otto Kreiter
  • Paul Sheldon
  • Philip DeMar
  • Pieter de Boer
  • Ramiro Voicu
  • Remco Frijling
  • Richard Carlson
  • Robert Van Beurden
  • Robert Vietzke
  • Roberto Sabatino
  • Sandor Rozsa
  • Scott Bradley
  • Shawn McKee
  • ShuTing Liao
  • Thomas Tam
  • Tim King
  • Torre Wenaus
  • Wen-Shui Chen
  • William Johnston
  • Zdenek Maxa