Agenda for the 65th Meeting of the INTC

Marek Pfutzner (University of Warsaw (PL))

CERN-INTC-2020-074 and INTC-A-065

  • Tuesday, 3 November
    • 09:00 18:35
      OPEN Session
      • 09:00
        Introduction 5m
        Speaker: Marek Pfutzner
      • 09:05
        ISOLDE Technical Report 20m
        Speaker: Joachim Vollaire
      • 09:25
        n_TOF Report 20m
        Speaker: Alberto Mengoni
      • 09:45
        Measurement of the fission cross-section of 243Am at EAR-1 and EAR-2 of the CERN n_TOF facility 20m
        Speakers: Maria Diakaki, Nikolaos Patronis
      • 10:05
        Measurement of the α -ratio and (n, γ ) cross section of 239 Pu at n _ TOF 20m
        Speakers: Daniel Cano Ott, Jaroslaw Perkovski
      • 10:25
        A new approach to beta-delayed multi-neutron emission 20m
        Speaker: Karsten Riisager
      • 10:45
        Break 10m
      • 10:55
        Measurement of 94,95,96Mo(n,γ) relevant to Astrophysics and Nuclear Technology 20m
        Speaker: Cristian Massimi
      • 11:15
        Weak interaction studies via beta-delayed proton emission 20m
        Speakers: Bertram Blank, Nathal Severijns
      • 11:35
        Precision measurement of the half-life of ^{110}Sn in large and small lattice environments 20m
        Speaker: Arindam Sikdar
      • 11:55
        Probing Energy Efficient Perovskites 20m
        Speakers: Armandina Maria Lima Lopes, Juliana Schell
      • 12:15
        Lunch 1h
      • 13:15
        Introduction to ISS 10m
        Speaker: Sean John Freeman
      • 13:25
        The d(30Mg,p)31Mg reaction: Probing single-particle behaviour within the “island of inversion” 18m
        Speakers: David Sharp, Sean John Freeman
      • 13:43
        Investigating the key rp process reaction 61Ga(p,γ)62Ge reaction via 61Zn(d,p)62Zn transfer 18m
        Speaker: Daniel Doherty
      • 14:20
        The (d,p) reaction on 11Be: Bringing clarity to our understanding of the structure of 12Be 18m
        Speakers: David Sharp, Jie Chen
      • 14:35
        Probing the 11Li low-lying dipole strength via 9Li(t,p) with the ISS 18m
        Speakers: Enrico Vigezzi, Yassid Ayyad
      • 14:55
        Break 10m
      • 15:05
        Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of superconducting NbN thin films implanted with magnetic species 20m
        Speaker: Rajdeep Adhikari
      • 15:25
        Probing the magicity and shell evolution in the vicinity of N=50 with high-resolution laser spectroscopy of 81,82Zn isotopes 20m
        Speakers: Thomas Elias Cocolios, Xiaofei Yang
      • 15:45
        First measurement of the s-process branching 79Se(n,γ) 20m
        Speakers: Cesar Domingo Pardo, Jorge Lerendegui Marco
      • 16:05
        Charge and spin states of Fe in binary compounds 20m
        Speakers: Haraldur Pall Gunnlaugsson, Lars Hemmingsen
      • 16:25
        First measurement of the 94Nb(n,γ) cross-section 20m
        Speakers: Cesar Domingo Pardo, Javier Balibrea Correa
      • 16:45
        Break 10m
      • 16:55
        Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich and neutron-deficient cadmium isotopes using MIRACLS at ISOLDE 20m
        Speakers: Simon Mark C Sels, Stephan Malbrunot
      • 17:15
        Decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Zn isotopes by total absorption 20m
        Speakers: Ana Isabel Morales Lopez, Luis M Fraile
      • 17:35
        Beta-decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Cd isotopes 20m
        Speakers: Agnieszka Barbara Korgul, Luis M Fraile
      • 17:55
        Investigating shape coexistence in 80,82Sr \\with β+/EC decay spectroscopy 20m
        Speaker: Nikita Bernier
      • 18:15
        Commissioning of the third-generation spallation target and neutron beam characteristics of the n_TOF facility 20m
        Speakers: Antonio Javier Praena Rodriguez, Marco Calviani