Jun 28 – 30, 2021
University of Tartu
Europe/Tallinn timezone


The inaugural CERN Baltic Conference (CBC 2021) to be held under auspices of University of Tartu in Estonia with the financial support of ERA Chair co-funded by EU Horizon 2020. It is planned to organise the CBGC annually, rotating countries and hosting institutions among CGB members.

Goal and objectives

In the spirit of CBG (transparency, honesty, sharing and collaboration) the following objectives are set for the Conference:

  • To connect CERN community of Baltic States
  • To induce collaboration: who is doing what? What are interests, topics, competences, aspirations?
  • To provide multidisciplinary networking platform where individual researchers, scientific groups and companies from Baltic States can find synergies and opportunities for collaboration
  • To inform and to engage stakeholders and industry across Baltic States

The conference aims the coordination of the Baltic research institutions activities towards CERN and related collaborations/experiments for strengthening and development  Baltic CERN directional research community.

Scope and topics

This is scientific and technical conference to cover all spectrum of CERN related activities (e.g. research, engineering, computing, industrial and policy). 

Topics are related, however, not limited to: Accelerator and Detector Technologies, High Energy Physics as well as Data gathering and data analysis. From physics to engineering, from fundamental science to industry. Topics will be logically linked to the CBG activities within the CERN collaborations, experiments and studies: such as CMS, CLIC, FCC, MEDICIS, AEGIS and CLOUD.

Target audience and participants

CERN related researchers, engineers, students (of all levels) and industrial representatives (incl. CERN Industrial Liaison Officers of EE, LT and LV) as well as stakeholders of Baltic States.  

Expert speakers form CERN and CBG Member institutions will be invited to participate and to contribute to the each of the topics.



This event has received funding from the EU H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-2020 grant agreement No 856705.




University of Tartu
Institute of Physics, University of Tartu W. Ostwaldi Str 1, 50411 Tartu, Estonia
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In order to register for the conference, you have to log in to the CERN Indico system by clicking on "Registration" or "Submit abstract" on the left side menu. You will then be directed to the login page. There are four options to log in:

  • If you have already a CERN account, you can use it.
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  • If you have a public service account such as Facebook, Google, Windows Live or Yahoo, you can use that account to log in.
  • If none of the above works (and only then), you can create a Lightweight CERN account on the CERN Account Management page. Be sure to remember the username and password, since you will need that account to submit any abstract, slides or proceedings.

If you somehow have trouble to create a CERN lightweight account or using your public service account for Indico access, please restart your browser. If that does not help, try to delete cookies, then empty the browser cache.

Registration for this event is currently open.