27 September 2004 to 1 October 2004
Interlaken, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

The CMS User Analysis Farm at Fermilab

28 Sep 2004, 10:00
Coffee (Interlaken, Switzerland)


Interlaken, Switzerland

Board: 7
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US-CMS is building up expertise at regional centers in preparation for analysis of LHC data. The User Analysis Farm (UAF) is part of the Tier 1 facility at Fermilab. The UAF is being developed to support the efforts of the Fermilab LHC Physics Center (LPC) and to enableefficient analysis of CMS data in the US. The support, infrastructure, and services to enable a local analysis community at a computing center which is remote from the physical detector and the majority of the collaboration present unique challenges. The current UAF is a farm running the LINUX operating system providing interactive and batch computing for users. Load balancing, resource and process management are realized with FBSNG, the batch system developed at Fermilab. Over the course of the next three years the UAF must grow in size and functionality, while continuing to support simulated analysis activities and test beam applications. In this presentation we will describe the development of the current cluster, the technology choices made, the services required to support regional analysis activities, and plans for the future.

Primary authors

H. Wenzel (FERMILAB) I. Mandrichenko (FERMILAB) J. Kaiser (FERMILAB) L. Giacchetti (FERMILAB) N. Ratnikova (FERMILAB)

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