27 September 2004 to 1 October 2004
Interlaken, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

Recent Developments in the ROOT I/O

29 Sep 2004, 15:00
Brunig 1 + 2 (Interlaken, Switzerland)

Brunig 1 + 2

Interlaken, Switzerland

oral presentation Track 3 - Core Software Core Software




Since version 3.05/02, the ROOT I/O System has gone through significant enhancements. In particular, the STL container I/O has been upgraded to support splitting, reading without existing libraries and using directly from TTreeFormula (TTree queries). This upgrade to the I/O system is such that it can be easily extended (even by the users) to support the splitting and querying of almost any collections. The ROOT TTree queries engine has also been enhanced in many ways including an increase performance, better support for array printing and histograming, addition of the ability to call any external C or C++ functions, etc. We improved the I/O support for classes not inheriting from TObject, including support for automatic schema evolution without using an explicit class version. ROOT now support generating files larger than 2Gb. We also added plugins for several of the mass storage servers (Castor, DCache, Chirp, etc.). We will describe in details these new features and their implementation.

Primary authors

F. Rademakers (CERN) P. Canal (FERMILAB) R. Brun (CERN)

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