Jul 26 – 30, 2021
US/Eastern timezone

Topology and scale setting for $Sp(2N)$ pure gauge theories

Jul 30, 2021, 6:15 AM
Oral presentation Particle physics beyond the Standard Model Particle physics beyond the Standard Model


Davide Vadacchino (Trinity College Dublin)


$Sp(2N)$ gauge theories are potentially relevant in the context of Composite Higgs Models and provide an alternative sequence to the more widely studied $SU(N)$ and $SO(N)$ groups in the investigation of the large-N limit of Yang-Mills theories.
In this contribution, we report on our study of the scale setting and of the topological features of the vacuum of $Sp(2N)$ lattice (pure) gauge theories using the Wilson Flow. We measure the topological susceptibility and the value of the scales $t_0$ and $w_0$ for a range of inverse couplings at $N=1,2,3,4$. The continuum and large-N limits of these quantities are discussed and compared to the results obtained in $SU(N)$ lattice gauge theories.

Primary author

Davide Vadacchino (Trinity College Dublin)


Biagio Lucini (Swansea University) Prof. C.-J. David Lin Deog-Ki Hong (Pusan National University) Ed Bennett (Swansea University) Ho Hsiao (NYCU) Jack Holligan Jong-Wan Lee (Pusan National University) Prof. Maurizio Piai (Swansea University) Michele Mesiti (University of Pisa)

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