The 38th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

from Monday, July 26, 2021 (12:00 AM) to Friday, July 30, 2021 (6:00 PM)

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Jul 26, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
Jul 28, 2021
Jul 29, 2021
Jul 30, 2021
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 8:50 AM) ()
8:50 AM Welcome (in conference zoom)   ()
9:00 AM
Plenary - Francesca Cuteri (Goethe Universität) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM Flavour physics overview - Ruth Van de Water (Fermilab)   ()
9:40 AM An overview of the QCD phase diagram at finite $T$ and $\mu$ - Jana N. Guenther (Aix-Marseille Universiiy)   ()
10:20 AM Heavy quarks at finite temperature - Dr Johannes Heinrich Weber (Humboldt University of Berlin)   ()
10:40 AM Aspects of finite temperature QCD approaching the chiral limit - Anirban Lahiri (Bielefeld University)   ()
11:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 12:00 PM) ()
11:30 AM
Discussion/social - Dimitra Pefkou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (until 1:00 PM) ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Maxwell Hansen (The University of Edinburgh (GB)) Sinead Ryan (Trinity College Dublin) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Lattice Study of the Dibaryon System - Zi-Yu Wang (Peking University)   ()
5:15 AM $\pi\pi$ scattering at large $N_c$ - Jorge Baeza-Ballesteros (Universitat de València)   ()
5:30 AM $K \pi$ scattering at physical pion mass using distillation - Nelson Lachini (University of Edinburgh)   ()
5:45 AM $K\pi$ scattering length at physical quark masses using all-to-all methods - Nils Asmussen (University of Southampton)   ()
6:00 AM I=1 pi-pi scattering at the physical point and the long-distance behavior of the vector correlator - Srijit Paul (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
6:15 AM Scattering from generalised lattice $\phi^4$ theory - marco garofalo (University of Bonn)   ()
6:30 AM Elastic π − N scattering in the I = 3/2 channel - Ferenc Pittler (The Cyprus Institute) Ferenc Pittler   ()
6:45 AM Variations on the Maiani-Testa approach and the inverse problem - Mattia Bruno (CERN)   ()
7:00 AM Quantization conditions in the finite volume within the plane wave basis expansion - Lu Meng   ()
7:15 AM Finite volume effects and meson scattering in the 2-flavour Schwinger model - Patrick Bühlmann (Universität Bern)   ()
7:30 AM From lattice QCD to predictions of scattering phase shift at the physical point - Xiao-Yu Guo (Beijing University of Technology)   ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Structure - Sara Collins (University of Regensburg) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Lattice QCD calculation of the two-photon exchange contribution to the muonic-hydrogen Lamb shift - Yang Fu   ()
5:15 AM Nucleon isovector form factors from physical-mass 2+1-flavor domain-wall QCD - Shigemi Ohta (KEK High Energy Accelerator Organization)   ()
5:30 AM Lattice QCD calculation of the proton electromagnetic polarizability - Xuan-He Wang   ()
5:45 AM Leading order mesonic and baryonic SU(3) low energy constants from $N_f=3$ lattice QCD - Simon Weishäupl (Universität Regensburg)   ()
6:00 AM Finite volume corrections to forward Compton scattering off the nucleon - Jonathan Lozano de la Parra (University of Bonn)   ()
6:15 AM Hadronic vacuum polarization from step scaling in the Schwinger model - Fabian Frech (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)   ()
6:30 AM Structure-Dependent Electromagnetic Finite-Size Effects - Nils Hermansson Truedsson (Universität Bern)   ()
6:45 AM Nucleon-pion-state contamination in lattice computations of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors - Dr Oliver Baer (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)   ()
7:00 AM Isoscalar electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon in $N_\mathrm{f} = 2 + 1$ lattice QCD - Mr Miguel Salg (University of Mainz)   ()
7:15 AM On the axial-vector form factor of the nucleon and chiral symmetry - Matthias F M Lutz (GSI)   ()
7:30 AM Nucleon form factors from $N_f$=2+1+1 twisted mass QCD at the physical point - Giannis Koutsou (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
7:45 AM Isovector Axial Vector Form Factors of the Nucleon from Lattice QCD with $N_f=2+1$ $\mathcal O(a)$-improved Wilson Fermions - Mr Tobias Schulz (Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Mainz)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Claudia Ratti (University of Houston) Jana N. Guenther (Aix Marseille University) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM A Fresh Look at the Chemical Potential on the lattice - Prof. Rajiv V Gavai (IISER, Bhopal)   ()
5:15 AM With complex Langevin towards the QCD phase diagram - Benjamin Jaeger (University of Southern Denmark)   ()
5:30 AM New approach to lattice QCD at finite density: reweighting without an overlap problem - Attila Pasztor (Eötvös University)   ()
5:45 AM Radius of convergence at finite chemical potential with rooted staggered fermions - Sandor Katz (Eotvos University)   ()
6:00 AM Effect of stout smearing on the phase diagram from multiparameter reweighting in lattice QCD - Kornél Kapás (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)   ()
6:15 AM Taylor expansions and Padé approximations for Lefschetz thimbles and beyond - Kevin Zambello (University of Parma and INFN, Gruppo Collegato di Parma)   ()
6:30 AM Lee-Yang edge singularities in lattice QCD : A systematic study of singularities in the complex 𝜇B plane using rational approximations. - Ms Simran Singh (University of Parma, Italy)   ()
6:45 AM Lee-Yang edge singularities in 2+1 flavor QCD with imaginary chemical potential. - Guido Nicotra (University of Bielefeld)   ()
7:00 AM Lattice QCD equation of state at finite chemical potential from an alternative expansion scheme - Paolo Parotto (University of Wuppertal)   ()
7:15 AM Lattice QCD Equation of State for $\mu_B \ne 0$ by resumming the Taylor expansion - Dr Prasad Hegde (Indian Institute of Science)   ()
7:30 AM Corrections to the hadron resonance gas from lattice QCD and their effect on fluctuation-ratios at finite density - David Pesznyak (Eötvös Loránd University)   ()
7:45 AM Continous temperature sampling in a single Monte-Carlo simulation - Parikshit Junnarkar (Helmholtz-Institute Mainz)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model - Vera Guelpers (University of Edinburgh) Finn Stokes (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon g-2 from the Mainz collaboration - Hartmut Wittig   ()
5:15 AM Consistency of lattice and R-ratio determinations of the HVP: Update from RBC/UKQCD - Christoph Lehner (University of Regensburg & BNL)   ()
5:30 AM Window contributions to the muon hadronic vacuum polarization with twisted-mass fermions - Davide Giusti (University of Regensburg)   ()
5:45 AM Multi-level computation of the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to $(g_\mu-2)$ - Leonardo Giusti (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT))   ()
6:00 AM Leading isospin breaking effects in the HVP contribution to $a_{\mu}$ and to the running of $\alpha$ - Andreas Risch (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
6:15 AM QED and strong isospin corrections in the hardonic vacuum polarization contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon - Letizia Parato (Aix Marseille Université)   ()
6:30 AM Pseudoscalar transition form factors and the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon g-2 - Willem Verplanke (CPT Marseille)   ()
6:45 AM Pion Pole Contribution to HLbL from Twisted Mass Lattice QCD at the physical point - Sebastian Andreas Burri (Universität Bern)   ()
7:00 AM Hadronic light-by-light contribution to $(g-2)_\mu$ from lattice QCD: a complete calculation - En-Hung Chao (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)   ()
7:15 AM Cutoff effects in short-distance quantities in lattice QCD - Tim Harris (University of Milan Bicocca)   ()
7:30 AM Hadronic contributions to the running of electromagnetic and weak couplings - Miguel Teseo San José Pérez (Johannes Gutenberg Universität)   ()
7:45 AM HVP contribution to Running Coupling and Electroweak Precision Science - Kohtaroh Miura (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz)   ()
5:00 AM
Theoretical developments and applications beyond particle physics - Antonio Rago (University of Plymouth (GB)) Andrea Pelissetto (University of Rome "La Sapienza" and INFN) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Study of a lattice 2-group gauge model - Błażej Ruba (Uniwersytet Jagielloński)   ()
5:15 AM Study of a lattice 2-group gauge model - Piotr Korcyl (Jagiellonian University & University Regensburg) Piotr Korcyl (Jagiellonian University & University Regensburg)   ()
5:30 AM Critical behaviour in the single-flavor Planar Thirring Model - Simon Hands   ()
5:45 AM Criticality and related properties of a non-compact 2+1D Thirring Model - Mr Jude Worthy (Swansea University)   ()
6:00 AM The Semimetal-Mott Insulator Quantum Phase Transition of the Hubbard Model - Johann Ostmeyer (University Bonn)   ()
6:15 AM Universal Properties of the Vortex in the (2+1)-d O(2) Model through dualization - Joao Barros (Institute for Theoretical Physics - University of Bern)   ()
6:30 AM Scale-setting of volume-reduced twisted Eguchi-Kawai model with one adjoint Majorana fermion at large-$N$ - Mr Pietro Butti (IFT UAM-CSIC)   ()
6:45 AM The SU(N) running coupling in the twisted gradient flow scheme and volume independence. - Jorge Luis Dasilva Golán (Instituto de Física Teórica. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.)   ()
7:00 AM Exact gradient flow and saddle points in lattice fermion models - Dr Maksim Ulybyshev   ()
7:15 AM The gradient flow at higher orders in perturbation theory - Robert Valentin Harlander (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   ()
7:30 AM Vector fields and RG flows in 4 dimensions - Daniel Nogradi   ()
7:45 AM Stout-smearing and $c_{\text{SW}}$ at one loop order - Maximilian Ammer (University of Wuppertal)   ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary - Bipasha Chakraborty (University of Cambridge) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM Direct CP violation and the ΔI=1/2 rule in K→ππ decay from the Standard Model - Christopher Kelly (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Christopher Kelly (Columbia University)   ()
9:20 AM Semileptonic $b \to u$ decays and $|V_{ub}|$ - Jonna Koponen (Universität Mainz)   ()
9:40 AM Effective Field Theories and Lattice QCD for the X Y Z frontier - Nora brambilla   ()
10:10 AM Lattice field theory and BSM phenomenology: The beginning of a beautiful friendship - Giacomo Cacciapaglia   ()
10:40 AM Recent work on tessellations of hyperbolic geometries - Judah Unmuth-Yockey (Fermi National Laboratory)   ()
11:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 12:00 PM) ()
12:01 AM
Tutorial - Patrick Steinbrecher (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 2:01 AM) ()
12:01 AM Intel OneAPI tutorial - Patrick Steinbrecher (Intel)   ()
4:00 AM
Discussion/social - Sophie Hollitt (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE)) Sinead Ryan (Trinity College Dublin) (until 5:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Marc Wagner Daniel Mohler (GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:15 AM Confirmation of the existence of an exotic state in the $\pi D$ system - Eric B. Gregory (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (FZJ))   ()
5:30 AM The lightest $D_0^\star$ resonance from QCD - Nicolas Lang (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
5:45 AM Comparing meson-meson and diquark-antidiquark creation operators for a bar-b bar-b u d tetraquark - Prof. Marc Wagner (Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
6:00 AM Bottomonium resonances from lattice QCD static-static-light-light potentials - Lasse Mueller (Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
6:15 AM $D K$ and $D \bar{K}$ scattering and the $D^\ast_{s0}(2317)$ from lattice QCD - Christopher Thomas (University of Cambridge)   ()
6:30 AM Optimizing distillation for charmonium and glueballs - Juan Andres Urrea Nino (Department of Physics, University of Wuppertal)   ()
6:45 AM Doubly bottom Tetraquarks - Martin Pflaumer (Goethe Universität Frankfurt)   ()
7:00 AM Determination of the masses of hybrid charmonium mesons - Gaurav Ray (University of Plymouth)   ()
7:15 AM Tetraquark channels with $\bar b b$ pair in the static limit - Mr Mitja Šadl (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana)   ()
7:30 AM Charmonium-like resonances in coupled $D\bar D$ - $D_s\bar D_s$ scattering - Sasa Prelovsek   ()
7:45 AM The excited and exotic heavy-light meson spectrum - Sinead Ryan (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Structure - Christopher Sachrajda (University of Southampton) Oliver Baer (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Pion and rho structure functions from $N_f=2+1$ lattice QCD - Marius Löffler (Regensburg University)   ()
5:15 AM Double parton distributions in the nucleon from lattice simulations - Christian Zimmermann (University of Regensburg)   ()
5:30 AM Virtual Photon Emission in Leptonic Decays of Pseudoscalar Mesons - Filippo Mazzetti (Università degli studi Roma Tre)   ()
5:45 AM Gauge-invariant renormalization of fermion bilinears and energy-momentum tensor on the lattice - Dr Gregoris Spanoudes (University of Cyprus)   ()
6:00 AM Towards High-Precision Nucleon Parton Distributions via Distillation - Colin Egerer (William and Mary)   ()
6:15 AM Towards precision calculation of partonic structure of hadrons from lattice QCD - Jianhui Zhang (Beijing Normal University)   ()
6:30 AM NNLO Corrections to Quark Quasi Distributions - Ruilin Zhu (Nanjing Normal University)   ()
6:45 AM The systematic effects study in lattice calculation of soft function - Shicheng Xia (Peking University)   ()
7:00 AM Determination of the Collins-Soper Kernel from Lattice QCD - Maximilian Schlemmer (University of Regensburg)   ()
7:15 AM Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions From Large Momentum Effective Theory - Mr -Yizhuang -Liu (jagiellonian university)   ()
7:30 AM Lattice-QCD Calculations of TMD Soft Function Through Large-Momentum Effective Theory - Qi-An Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)   ()
7:45 AM Lattice QCD Calculations of Transverse-Momentum-Dependent Wave Function through Large-Momentum Effective Theory - Min-Huan Chu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Claudio Bonati (University of Pisa and INFN) Sayantan Sharma (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Finite temperature QCD with physical $(u/d, s, c) $ domain-wall quarks - Prof. Ting-Wai Chiu (National Taiwan University)   ()
5:15 AM 2+1 flavor fine lattice simulation at finite temperature with domain wall fermions - Yasumichi Aoki (RIKEN)   ()
5:30 AM Axial U(1) symmetry at high temperatures in $N_f=2+1$ lattice QCD with chiral fermions - Kei Suzuki (JAEA)   ()
5:45 AM Correlated Dirac Eigenvalues and Axial Anomaly in Chiral Symmetric QCD - Yu Zhang (Central China Normal University)   ()
6:00 AM Correlated Dirac eigenvalues around the transition temperature on $N_{\tau}=8$ lattices - Wei-Ping Huang (Central China Normal University)   ()
6:30 AM Topology in high-T QCD via staggered spectral projectors - Claudio Bonanno (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
6:45 AM Localised Dirac eigenmodes and Goldstone's theorem at finite temperature - Matteo Giordano (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)   ()
7:00 AM Localization at the quenched SU(3) phase transition - Prof. G. Tamas Kovacs (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)   ()
7:15 AM Effective Dimensions of Dirac Modes in IR Phase of QCD - Ivan Horvath (University of Kentucky)   ()
7:30 AM Meson spectroscopy at increasing temperatures using anisotropic ensembles - Sergio Chaves (Swansea University)   ()
7:45 AM Computation of QCD meson screening masses at high temperature - Davide Laudicina (Milano-Bicocca university)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model - Takashi Kaneko (KEK) Davide Giusti (University of Regensburg) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:15 AM Comparison of lattice QCD+QED predictions for radiative leptonic decays of light mesons with experimental data - Silvano Simula (INFN - Sezione di Roma Tre) Silvano Simula (INFN)   ()
5:30 AM Calculating the $K\rightarrow\pi\ell^{+}\ell^{-}$ Rare Kaon Decay Amplitude at the Physical Point - Fionn O hOgain   ()
5:45 AM Towards a lattice determination of the form factors of the rare hyperon decay $\Sigma^+ \to p \ell^+ \ell^-$ - Mr Raoul Hodgson (University of Edinburgh)   ()
6:00 AM All HISQ $B\to K$ form factors - Dr Chris Bouchard (University of Glasgow )   ()
6:15 AM BSM $B - \bar{B}$ mixing - Felix Erben (University of Edinburgh)   ()
6:30 AM Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from Overlap Fermions - Jian Liang   ()
6:45 AM Tensor Charges and their Impact on Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Rose Smail (The University of Adelaide)   ()
7:00 AM The neutron electric dipole moment revisited - Gerrit Schierholz (DESY)   ()
7:15 AM Neutron electric dipole moment using lattice QCD simulations at the physical point - Antonino Todaro (University of Cyprus)   ()
7:30 AM Renormalization with the Gradient Flow: A Novel Method for Calculating Loop Integrals - Matthew Rizik (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)   ()
7:45 AM Power divergences of the quark-chromo electric dipole moment operator with the gradient flow - Dr Jangho Kim (Forschungszentrum Jülich)   ()
5:00 AM
Theoretical developments and applications beyond particle physics - Daniel Nogradi Simon Hands (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Complex Langevin boundary terms in lattice models and the phase diagram of QCD - Dénes Sexty (University of Graz)   ()
5:15 AM Complex Langevin: Boundary Terms at Poles - Erhard Seiler (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut), Munich)   ()
5:30 AM Searching for Yang-Lee zeros in O(N) models - Felipe Attanasio (Universität Heidelberg)   ()
5:45 AM Monopole-like configurations in the O(3) spin model at the upper critical dimension - Antonio Smecca (University of Turin)   ()
6:00 AM Conserving Lattice Gauge Theory for Finite Systems - Prof. Alexander Rothkopf (University of Stavanger)   ()
6:15 AM Search for continuous phase transitions in 5D pure SU(2) lattice gauge theory - José Matos (FCUP)   ()
6:30 AM Breaking the gauge symmetry in lattice gauge-invariant models. - Andrea Pelissetto (Sapienza Universita' di Roma)   ()
6:45 AM Global symmetry breaking in gauge theories: the case of multiflavor scalar chromodynamics - Claudio Bonati (Pisa University)   ()
7:00 AM Continuum limit of two-dimensional multiflavor scalar gauge theories - Alessio Franchi (University of Pisa and INFN)   ()
7:15 AM Minimally doubled fermions and topology in 2D - Stephan Durr (University of Wuppertal)   ()
7:30 AM Bosonization of Majorana modes in arbitrary geometries - Arkadiusz Bochniak (Jagiellonian University)   ()
7:45 AM Euclidean representation of unconstraint "Majorana spins" - Jacek Wosiek (Jagiellonian University)   ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Poster (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM A1: Investigations of supersymmetric Yang--Mills theories - Angel Sherletov (University of Liverpool)   ()
8:30 AM A2: Supercurrent renormalization in N = 1 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory - Ivan Soler Calero Apostolos Skouroupathis (University of Cyprus)   ()
8:40 AM A3: Grid Python Toolkit (GPT) - Christoph Lehner (University of Regensburg & BNL)   ()
8:40 AM A4: Towards the determination of sigma terms for the baryon octet in $N_\mathrm{f} = 2+1$ QCD with Wilson quarks - Pia Leonie Jones Petrak (University of Münster)   ()
8:40 AM A5: Two-grid overlap solver in lattice QCD - Dr Dafina Xhako (Polytechnic University of Tirana)   ()
8:40 AM A6: LatticeQCD.jl: Lattice QCD code with Julia - Akio Tomiya (RIKEN BNL Research Center)   ()
8:40 AM A7: Evaluation of SU(3) smearing on FPGA accelerator cards - Grzegorz Korcyl (Jagiellonian University)   ()
8:40 AM A8: 2021 update of $\varepsilon_K$ with lattice QCD inputs - Weonjong Lee (Seoul National University)   ()
8:40 AM A9: P-Wave Two-Body Bound and Scattering States in a Finite Volume including QED - Ulf-G. Meißner (University of Bonn) Gianluca Stellin (Universität Bonn)   ()
8:45 AM A10: Precision bottomonium properties and b quark mass from lattice QCD+QED - Christine Davies (University of Glasgow)   ()
8:45 AM B10: The chiral phase transition from strong to weak coupling - Alfredo D'Ambrosio (Goethe Universität)   ()
8:45 AM B1: What is chiral susceptibility probing? - Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka Univ.)   ()
8:45 AM B2: Latent heat and pressure gap at the first-order deconfining phase transition of SU(3) Yang–Mills theory using the small flow-time expansion method - Kazuyuki Kanaya (University of Tsukuba)   ()
8:45 AM B3: Flux tube profiles in two-color QCD at low temperature and high density - Katsuya Ishiguro (Kochi University)   ()
8:45 AM B4: A new framework to tune an improved relativistic heavy-quark action - Davide Giusti (University of Regensburg)   ()
8:45 AM B6: Density of states for gravitational waves - Felix Springer (University of Liverpool)   ()
8:45 AM B7: Machine Learning Approximated Nucleon Matrix Elements with Domain Wall Fermions - Akio Tomiya (RIKEN BNL Research Center)   ()
8:45 AM B8: Finite temperature phase transition for three flavor QCD with Möbius-domain wall fermions - Yoshifumi Nakamura   ()
8:45 AM B9: Infrared physics of the SU(2) Georgi-Glashow phase transition - David Weir (University of Helsinki)   ()
8:45 AM C1: Hybrid stochastic method for the tensor renormalization group - Hiroshi Ohki Masaaki Tomii   ()
8:45 AM C2: SU(2) gauge theory with N_f = 24 fermions at finite mass - Ahmed Salami (University of Helsinki)   ()
8:45 AM C3: Progress report on computing the disconnected QCD and the QCD plus QED hadronic contributions to the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment. - Dr Craig McNeile (Plymouth University)   ()
8:45 AM C4: Algorithms for quantum state preparation in the Schwinger Model - Giovanni Pederiva (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University)   ()
8:45 AM C5: QCD topology and axion’s properties from Wilson twisted mass lattice simulations - Anton Trunin (Samara University)   ()
8:45 AM C6: Using weighted averaging methods in measurements of $SU(3)_{f}$ symmetry breaking in $B$ meson decay constants - Ms Shanette De La Motte   ()
8:45 AM C7: Temporal Contact Terms in Lattice Feynman-Hellmann Methods - Alec Hannaford Gunn (The University of Adelaide)   ()
8:45 AM C8: Advances in lattice hadron physics calculations using the gradient flow - Dr James Zanotti (University of Adelaide)   ()
9:00 AM
Plenary - Kari Rummukainen (University of Helsinki) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM Perspectives on the current status of and future prospects for ML in lattice QFT - Sebastien Racaniere (DeepMind)   ()
9:30 AM QFT Dynamics from CFT Data with Lightcone Conformal Truncation - Liam Fitzpatrick (Boston University) Liam Fitzpatrick (Boston University)   ()
9:50 AM Gender and racial discrimination in STEM: Intersecting oppressions with multifaceted solutions - Asia Eaton   ()
10:20 AM Wilson award: Maxwell Hansen - Maxwell Hansen (The University of Edinburgh (GB)) Kari Rummukainen (University of Helsinki)   ()
11:00 AM Group photo on zoom   ()
11:10 AM
Discussion/social (until 1:00 PM) ()
5:00 AM
Algorithms (including Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Tensor Networks) - Chris Culver (University of Liverpool) Lukas Kades (Universität Heidelberg) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Machine learning with quantum field theories - Dimitrios Bachtis   ()
5:15 AM Lattice Gauge Symmetry in Neural Networks - Dr David Mueller (TU Wien)   ()
5:30 AM Generalization capabilities of neural networks in lattice applications - Matteo Favoni (TU Wien)   ()
5:45 AM Interpreting machine learning functions as physical observables - Gert Aarts (Swansea University)   ()
6:00 AM Machine Learning for Thermodynamic Observables - Kim Nicoli (Technische Universität Berlin)   ()
6:15 AM Machine learning phase transitions in a scalable manner - Marina Krstic Marinkovic (ETH Zurich)   ()
6:30 AM Simulating Complex Langevin at short real-times with stable implicit solvers - Daniel Alvestad (University of Stavanger)   ()
6:45 AM The basics and applications of the tempered Lefschetz thimble method for the numerical sign problem - Masafumi Fukuma (Kyoto University)   ()
7:00 AM CP-violating Dashen phase transition in the two-flavor Schwinger model: a study with matrix product states - Stefan Kühn (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
7:15 AM A variance reduction technique for hadronic correlators with partially twisted boundary conditions - Alessandro Barone (University of Southampton)   ()
7:30 AM Using classical bit-flip correction for error mitigation in quantum computations - Dr Karl Jansen (DESY)   ()
7:45 AM Benchmarking the performance of readout error mitigation through classical bit-flip correction on IBM and Rigetti devices - Georgios Polykratis (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Agostino Patella (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) John Bulava (DESY-Zeuthen) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:15 AM $\bar{b}\bar{c}\,q_1q_2$ tetraquarks from Lattice QCD - Nilmani Mathur   ()
5:30 AM The neutron-proton mass difference - Simone Romiti   ()
5:45 AM Topic on pion spectroscopy - Mr Dian-Jun Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
6:00 AM The mixing of $\eta_c$ and the Pseudoscalar Glueball - Renqiang Zhang   ()
6:15 AM The $\pi^0$, $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons from $n_f=1+1+1$ lattice QCD+QED - Zeno Kordov   ()
6:30 AM Lattice determination of the pion mass difference $M_{\pi_{+}} - M_{\pi_{0}}$ at order $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_{em})$ and $\mathcal{O}( (m_{d}-m_{u})^{2})$ including disconnected diagrams. - Giuseppe Gagliardi (INFN sezione di Roma Tre)   ()
6:45 AM An update on QCD+QED simulations with C* boundary conditions - Jens Luecke (HU Berlin)   ()
7:00 AM Baryon masses from full QCD+QED_C simulations - Madeleine Dale (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
7:15 AM Isospin breaking effects in octet and decuplet baryon masses - Alexander Segner (Universität Mainz)   ()
7:30 AM Light flavor-singlet pseduoscalar in $J/\psi$ radiative decay - Xiangyu Jiang (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
7:45 AM Nuclear Parity Violation from 4-quark Interactions - Aniket Sen (HISKP, University of Bonn)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Heng-Tong Ding (Central China Normal University) Hiroshi Ohno (Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Nonperturbative excitations in overoccupied gluon plasmas - Kirill Boguslavski (Vienna University of Technology (AT))   ()
5:15 AM Transverse momentum broadening in real-time lattice simulations of the glasma - Daniel Schuh (Vienna University of Technology)   ()
5:30 AM Charting the scaling region of the Ising universality class in finite temperature QCD - Marianna Sorba (SISSA)   ()
5:45 AM Imprint of chiral symmetry restoration on the Polyakov loop and the heavy quark free energy - Dr David Anthony Clarke (Bielefeld University)   ()
6:00 AM Critical behavior towards the chiral limit at vanishing and non-vanishing chemical potentials - Dr Mugdha Sarkar (Bielefeld University)   ()
6:15 AM Roberge-Weiss transitions at imaginary isospin chemical potential - Amine Chabane (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)   ()
6:30 AM The upper right corner of the Columbia plot with staggered fermions - Ruben Kara (University of Wuppertal)   ()
6:45 AM Deconfinement critical point of a heavy quark effective lattice theory - Mr Anh Quang Pham (Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
7:00 AM Chiral phase transition temperature in 3-flavor QCD. - Ms Sipaz Sharma (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)   ()
7:15 AM The QCD chiral phase transition for different numbers of quark flavours - Owe Philipsen (Goethe-University Frankfurt)   ()
7:30 AM Inhomogeneous phases in 1+1 dimensional Gross-Neveu models at finite number of flavors on the lattice - Michael Mandl (FSU Jena)   ()
7:45 AM Absence of inhomogeneous phases in the $2+1$-dim. Gross-Neveu model with chiral imbalance - Marc Winstel (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main)   ()
5:00 AM
Standard Model Parameters - Stefan Sint (Trinity College Dublin) (until 7:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM First Lattice QCD determination of semileptonic decays of charmed-strange baryons $\Xi_c$ - Wei Wang (SJTU)   ()
5:15 AM Leptonic decays of charmed mesons with Wilson quarks - Mr Fabian Joswig (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität)   ()
5:30 AM K- and D(s)-meson leptonic decay constants with physical light, strange and charm quarks by ETMC - Dr Petros Dimopoulos (University of Parma)   ()
5:45 AM Charm physics with a tmQCD valence action - Alessandro Conigli (UAM IFT-CSIC, MADRID)   ()
6:00 AM $V_{cs}$ determination from $D \to{}K \ell \nu$ - William Parrott (University of Glasgow)   ()
6:15 AM $B_c \to J/\psi$ and $B_s \to D_s^*$ Decays with Lattice QCD - Judd Harrison (University of Glasgow)   ()
6:30 AM Comparison of lattice QCD results for inclusive semi-leptonic decays B mesons with the OPE - Sandro Maechler (University of Turin)   ()
6:45 AM Form factors for $B_c^+ \to D^0 \ell^+ \nu_{\ell}$ and rare $B_c^+ \to D_s^+ \ell^+ \ell^-$ with HISQ - Laurence Cooper (University of Glasgow)   ()
5:00 AM
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry - Jon-Ivar Skullerud (National University of Ireland Maynooth) Andreas Athenodorou (INFN - sez Pisa) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Role of inhomogeneities in the flattening of the quantum effective potential - Gergely Marko (University of Bielefeld)   ()
5:15 AM Looking at the analytic structure of Landau gauge propagators - Orlando Oliveira (University of Coimbra)   ()
5:30 AM Another look at the three-gluon vertex in the minimal Landau gauge - Paulo Silva (University of Coimbra)   ()
5:45 AM Quark-gluon vertex with 2 flavours of O(a) improved Wilson fermions - Jon-Ivar Skullerud (National University of Ireland Maynooth)   ()
6:00 AM Complex poles of Landau-gauge QCD propagators and general properties - Yui Hayashi (Chiba University)   ()
6:15 AM The static potential in 2+1+1-flavor QCD - Mr Sebastian Steinbeißer (Technische Universität München)   ()
6:30 AM Glueballs, localization and thermal monopoles in trace-deformed Yang-Mills theory. - Marco Cardinali (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
6:45 AM The behavior of Topological objects above the chiral crossover transition in QCD - Rasmus Larsen (University of Stavanger)   ()
7:00 AM Finite temperature and delta-regime in the Schwinger model - Ivan Hip (University of Zagreb)   ()
7:15 AM Density of states techniques for lattice field theory with topological terms - Christof Gattringer (University of Graz)   ()
7:30 AM Reconstructing QCD Spectral Functions with Gaussian Processes - Julian Urban (Heidelberg University)   ()
7:45 AM Instanton effects on chiral symmetry breaking and hadron spectroscopy - Dr Masayasu Hasegawa (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   ()
7:00 AM
Particle physics beyond the Standard Model - Axel Torsten Maas (University of Graz) (until 8:00 AM) ()
7:00 AM Perturbative study of the Gluino-Glue operator in SYM - Dr Marios Costa (University of Cyprus)   ()
7:15 AM Estimates for the lightest baryon masses in $\mathcal{N} = 1$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory - Dr Sajid Ali (Bielefeld University)   ()
7:30 AM One Flavour QCD as an analog computer for SUSY - Felix Ziegler (University of Southern Denmark)   ()
7:45 AM Mixed adjoint-fundamental matter and applications towards SQCD and beyond - Georg Bergner   ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM IAC Meeting   ()
9:00 AM
Plenary - Chris Monahan (William & Mary) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM The US Electron Ion Collider and Lattice QCD: Physics Opportunities and Experimental Challenges - Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University)   ()
9:30 AM Progress in x-dependent partonic distributions from lattice QCD - Krzysztof Cichy   ()
10:10 AM Recent progress on nucleon form factors - Dalibor Djukanovic   ()
10:30 AM The impact of LQCD on transverse momentum parton phenomenology - Iain Stewart (MIT) Iain Stewart (MIT)   ()
11:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 12:00 PM) ()
11:15 AM
Discussion/social - Phiala Shanahan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Martha Constantinou (Temple University) (until 12:45 PM) ()
11:15 AM Academic careers panel - Martha Constantinou (Temple University)   ()
1:00 AM
Plenary - Xu Feng (Peking University) (until 3:20 AM) ()
1:00 AM Spectroscopy and Hadron Interactions - Ben Hoerz   ()
1:40 AM Recent developments in nuclear lattice effective field theory - Bingnan Lu (Graduate School of China Academy of Engineering Physics)   ()
2:00 AM Software development and performance of Fugaku and ARM architectures - Yoshifumi Nakamura   ()
2:20 AM Lattice Meets Lattice - Application of Lattice Cubature to Models in Lattice Gauge Theory - Frances Kuo (University of New South Wales)   ()
2:40 AM A physicist-friendly reformulation of the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index (on a lattice) - Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka Univ.)   ()
3:00 AM Recent progress in the tensor renormalisation group - Daisuke Kadoh (Doshisha University, Japan) Daisuke Kadoh (Doshisha University)   ()
3:20 AM
Discussion/social (until 4:20 AM) ()
5:00 AM
Algorithms (including Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Tensor Networks) - Gert Aarts (Swansea University) Karl Jansen (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM The Hubbard model with fermionic Tensor Networks - Manuel Schneider (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
5:15 AM Tensor network simulation of strongly coupled U(N) - Pascal Milde (University of Regensburg)   ()
5:30 AM Tensor renormalizaton group calculation for the phase structure of the CP(1) model in the presence of a topological term - Katsumasa Nakayama (DESY)   ()
5:45 AM Towards sampling complex actions - Lukas Kades (Universität Heidelberg)   ()
6:00 AM A numerical and theoretical study of multilevel performance for two-point correlator calculations - Ben Kitching-Morley (University of Southampton)   ()
6:15 AM Calculation of the running coupling in non-Abelian gauge theories from Jarzynski's equality - Marco Panero (University of Turin and INFN, Turin)   ()
6:45 AM Implementing noise reduction techniques into the OpenQxD package - Lucius Bushnaq (TCD Dublin)   ()
7:00 AM Performance optimizations for porting the openQ*D package to GPUs - Roman Gruber (ETH Zurich)   ()
7:15 AM Twisted mass gauge ensembles at physical values of the light, strange and charm quark masses - Jacob Finkenrath (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
7:30 AM Coarsest-Level Improvements of Multigrid for Lattice QCD on Large-Scale Computers - Gustavo Ramirez-Hidalgo (University of Wuppertal)   ()
7:45 AM Implementation of Simultaneous Inversion of a Multi-shifted Dirac Matrix for Twisted-Mass Fermions within DD$alpha$AMG - Shuhei Yamamoto (The Cyprus Institute)   ()
5:00 AM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Christopher Thomas (University of Cambridge) Akaki Rusetsky (Univerity of Bonn) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Mass estimates of the SU(2) scalar glueball from spectral methods - Prof. Orlando Oliveira (University of Coimbra)   ()
5:15 AM Master-field simulations of QCD - Patrick Fritzsch (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
5:30 AM Approaching the master-field: Hadronic observables in large volumes - Dr Marco Cè (CERN)   ()
5:45 AM Hypercubic symmetry restauration of Boriçi - Creutz fermions: costs and effects - Rudina Osmanaj (Zeqirllari) (University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department o)   ()
6:00 AM Gradient-flow scale setting with $N_f=2+1+1$ Wilson-clover twisted-mass fermions - Bartosz Kostrzewa (University of Bonn)   ()
6:15 AM Lattice improvement of nuclear shape calculations using unitary transformations - Lukas Bovermann (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)   ()
6:30 AM On the three-particle analog of the Lellouch-Lüscher formula - Fabian Müller (University of Bonn)   ()
6:45 AM Decay amplitudes to three hadrons from finite-volume matrix elements - Fernando Romero-López   ()
7:00 AM Higher partial wave contamination in finite-volume formulae for 1-to-2 transitions - Toby Peterken (University of Edinburgh)   ()
7:15 AM Analyzing coupled-channel matrix elements in finite volume - Luka Leskovec (Old Dominion University)   ()
7:30 AM Decays of an exotic $1^{-+}$ hybrid meson resonance from QCD - David Wilson (University of Cambridge)   ()
7:45 AM Radiative Transitions in Charmonium from Lattice QCD - James Delaney (University of Cambridge)   ()
5:00 AM
Particle physics beyond the Standard Model - Enrico Rinaldi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) David Schaich (University of Liverpool) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM The Techni-Pati-Salam Model - Giacomo Cacciapaglia   ()
5:15 AM Sp(2N) gauge theories on the lattice: status and perspectives - Biagio Lucini (Swansea University)   ()
5:30 AM Sp(4) lattice gauge theory with fermions in multiple representations - Jong-Wan Lee (Pusan National University)   ()
5:45 AM Mesonic spectrum of Sp(4) gauge theory with Nf=3 dynamical antisymmetry fermions - Ho Hsiao (NYCU)   ()
6:00 AM $Sp(4)$ and $Sp(6)$ quenched meson spectrum - Jack Holligan (Swansea University)   ()
6:15 AM Topology and scale setting for $Sp(2N)$ pure gauge theories - Davide Vadacchino (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
6:30 AM SU(2) gauge theory with Nf=2 fundamental fermions - a template for Composite Higgs models - Dr Vincent Drach (University of Plymouth (GB))   ()
6:45 AM Investigating the conformal behaviour of $\mathrm{SU}(2)$ with one adjoint Dirac flavor - Ed Bennett (Swansea University)   ()
7:00 AM Exploring SU(3)+Higgs theories: the fundamental case - Elizabeth Dobson (University of Graz)   ()
7:15 AM Exploring SU(3) + Higgs theories - The adjoint case - Mr Bernd Riederer (University of Graz)   ()
7:30 AM Spectral reconstruction in SU(4) gauge theory with fermions in multiple representations - Alessandro Lupo (University of Edinburgh)   ()
7:45 AM Isospin breaking for dark matter - Axel Torsten Maas (University of Graz)   ()
5:00 AM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Maria Paola Lombardo (INFN) Alexander Rothkopf (University of Stavanger) (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM Estimation of the photon emission rate of the quark-gluon plasma - Csaba Török (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz)   ()
5:15 AM Deep inelastic scattering off quark-gluon plasma and its photon emissivity - Harvey Meyer (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)   ()
5:30 AM Electromagnetic conductivity of quark-gluon plasma at non-zero baryon density - Anton Trunin (Samara University)   ()
5:45 AM An exploration of sphaleron rate in lattice QCD - Dr Hai-Tao Shu (Bielefeld University)   ()
6:00 AM Heavy quark diffusion in an overoccupied gluon plasma - Jarkko Peuron (Lund University)   ()
6:15 AM Chromo-electric and chromo-magnetic correlators at high temperature from gradient flow - Julian Mayer-Steudte (Technical University Munich)   ()
6:30 AM Heavy quark momentum diffusion from the lattice using gradient flow - Luis Altenkort (Bielefeld University)   ()
6:45 AM In-medium static quark potential from spectral functions on realistic HISQ ensembles - Gaurang Parkar (University Of Stavanger)   ()
7:00 AM The complex potential from 2+1 flavor QCD from HTL inspired approach - Dibyendu Bala (Bielefeld University)   ()
7:15 AM Thermal interquark potentials for bottomonium using NRQCD from the HAL QCD method - Thomas Spriggs (Swansea University)   ()
7:30 AM Spectral Reconstruction in NRQCD using the Backus-Gilbert Method - Ben Page (Swansea University)   ()
7:45 AM Reconstruction of bottomonium spectral functions in thermal QCD using Kernel Ridge Regression - Mr Samuel Offler (Swansea University)   ()
5:00 AM
Standard Model Parameters - Chris Bouchard (University of Glasgow ) Constantia Alexandrou (until 8:00 AM) ()
5:00 AM The decoupling strategy for the determination of $\alpha_s$ - Stefan Sint (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
5:15 AM Results for $\alpha_s$ from the decoupling strategy - Roman Höllwieser (University of Wuppertal)   ()
5:30 AM Investigation of the Perturbative Expansion of Heavy Quark Correlators for $N_f=0$ - Leonardo Chimirri (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
6:00 AM Finite volume renormalization schemes and the fermionic gradient flow - Nico Battelli (Trinity College Dublin)   ()
6:15 AM Renormalization constants of quark bilinear operators in QCD with dynamical up, down, strange and charm quarks - Matteo Di Carlo (University of Edinburgh)   ()
6:30 AM Non-perturbative renormalization of the flavour-singlet local vector current with $O(a)$-improved Wilson fermions - Dr Michele Pepe (INFN - Sezione Milano-Bicocca, Milan (Italy))   ()
6:45 AM Non-perturbative renormalisation with interpolating momentum schemes - Nicolas Garron   ()
7:00 AM Scale setting for CLS 2+1 simulations - Ben Strassberger (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
7:15 AM Static force with and without gradient flow - Viljami Leino (Technical University of Munich (TUM))   ()
7:30 AM Light meson physics and scale setting from a mixed action with Wilson twisted mass valence quarks - Gregorio Herdoiza   ()
7:45 AM Logarithmic corrections to $a^2$ scaling in lattice QCD with Wilson and GW quarks - Nikolai Husung (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
8:00 AM
Discussion/social (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary - Christoph Lehner (University of Regensburg & Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM Review of muon g-2 - Aida El-Khadra (UIUC)   ()
9:40 AM Muon g-2: BMW calculation of the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution - Balint Toth (University of Wuppertal)   ()
10:00 AM Computing System Trends and Performance Portability - Balint Joo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
10:40 AM SU(3) gauge theory on quantum hardware - Natalie Klco (Caltech)   ()
11:00 AM Closing   ()
11:20 AM
Discussion/social (until 12:20 PM) ()
1:00 PM
Algorithms (including Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Tensor Networks) - Zohreh Davoudi (University of Maryland) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM From tensors to qubits - Yannick Meurice (University of Iowa)   ()
1:15 PM Open Lattice Field Theory - Jay Hubisz (Syracuse University)   ()
1:30 PM Quantum Algorithms for Open Lattice Field Theories - Bharath Sambasivam (Syracuse University)   ()
1:45 PM Simulation of Open LFT - Michael Hite (University of Iowa)   ()
2:00 PM Toward Quantum SImulations using Discrete Subgroup Approximations - Hank Lamm (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   ()
2:15 PM Quantum Algorithms for Simulating the Lattice Schwinger Model - Alexander Shaw (University of Maryland College Park)   ()
2:30 PM Subleading conformal dimensions using a qubit regularization of the O(4) model - Prof. Shailesh Chandrasekharan (Duke University)   ()
2:45 PM Qubit Regularization of Asymptotic Freedom - Hersh Singh (Duke University)   ()
1:00 PM
Hadron Structure - David Richards (Jefferson Lab) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Investigating $N \to N\pi$ axial matrix elements - Mr Lorenzo Barca (Universität Regensburg)   ()
1:15 PM Patterns of flavour symmetry breaking in hadron matrix elements involving u, d and s quarks - Roger Horsley (University of Edinburgh)   ()
1:30 PM Nucleon Charges and Sigma Terms from $N_f = 2 + 1$ QCD - Daniel Jenkins (Universität Regensburg)   ()
1:45 PM Improved analysis of nucleon isovector charges and twist-2 matrix elements on CLS $N_f=2+1$ ensembles - Konstantin Ottnad (University of Mainz)   ()
2:00 PM Flavor diagonal nucleon charges - Sungwoo Park (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
2:15 PM Excited states and precision results for nucleon charges and form factors - Rajan Gupta (Los Alamos National Lab)   ()
2:30 PM Nucleon isovector momentum fraction, helicity and transversity moment using Lattice QCD - Santanu Mondal   ()
2:45 PM Towards a variational calculation of nucleon elastic structure - Andre Walker-Loud (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
1:00 PM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Biagio Lucini (Swansea University) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM The 't Hooft-Veneziano limit of the Polyakov loop models - Oleg Borisenko (Institute for Theoretical Physics, National Academy of Sciences)   ()
1:15 PM Dual Polyakov loop model at finite density: phase diagram and screening masses - Volodymyr Chelnokov (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe-University Frankfurt)   ()
1:30 PM Coarse Graining in Effective Theories of Lattice QCD in Low Dimensions - Christoph Konrad (Goethe-University Frankfurt)   ()
1:45 PM Hamiltonian Lattice QCD from Strong Coupling Expansion - Wolfgang Unger (Universität Bielefeld)   ()
2:00 PM Heavy-dense QCD at fixed baryon number without a sign problem - Urs Wenger (Universität Bern (CH))   ()
2:15 PM Thimble regularisation of YM fields: crunching a hard problem. - Francesco Di Renzo (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
2:30 PM Localisation of Dirac modes in finite-temperature $\mathbb{Z}_2$ gauge theory on the lattice - György Baranka (Eötvös Loránd University)   ()
2:45 PM Symmetries of temporal correlators and the nature of hot QCD. - Leonid Glozman   ()
1:00 PM
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model - Thomas Blum (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Finite size effects in the leading hadronic vacuum polarisation contribution to $(g-2)_\mu$ - Dr Finn M. Stokes (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)   ()
1:15 PM Continuum extrapolation of the hadronic vacuum polarization - Kalman Szabo (Forschungszentrum Julich)   ()
1:30 PM Hadronic vacuum polarization of the muon on 2+1+1-flavor HISQ ensembles: an update. - Shaun Lahert (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
1:45 PM The muon g-2 with four flavors of staggered quarks - Prof. Christopher Aubin (Fordham University)   ()
2:00 PM High precision scale setting on the lattice - Lukas Varnhorst (Aix-Marseille University)   ()
2:15 PM Ruling Out the Massless Up-Quark Solution to the Strong CP Problem by Computing the Topological Mass Contribution with Lattice QCD - Lena Funcke (Perimeter Institute)   ()
2:30 PM Proton decay amplitudes at the physical point with chirally symmetric quarks - Sergey Syritsyn (JLab Theory Group)   ()
2:45 PM Near Physical Point Lattice Calculation of Isospin-Breaking Corrections to $K_{\ell2}/\pi_{\ell2}$ - Andrew Zhen Ning Yong (University of Edinburgh)   ()
1:00 PM
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry - Jeff Greensite (San Francisco State University) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Properties of the $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons Part I: Masses and decay constants - Jakob Simeth (University of Regensburg)   ()
1:15 PM Properties of the $\eta$ and $\eta'$ mesons Part II: Gluonic matrix elements - Prof. Gunnar Bali (Universität Regensburg)   ()
1:30 PM The flux tube profile in full QCD - Leonardo Cosmai (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
1:45 PM Manifestations of Confinement/Deconfinement in 4D compact QED on the lattice. - Lee Loveridge (LACCD)   ()
2:00 PM The torelon spectrum and the world-sheet axion - Andreas Athenodorou (Univesrity of Pisa)   ()
2:15 PM Phases at finite winding number of an Abelian lattice gauge theory - Paolo Stornati (DESY)   ()
2:30 PM Confinement from Interacting SU(3) Instanton-dyons - Dallas DeMartini   ()
2:45 PM On the behaviour of the interquark potential in the vicinity of the deconfinement transition. - Michele Caselle (Torino University)   ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
4:00 PM
Tutorial - Christoph Lehner (University of Regensburg & Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 6:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM
Algorithms (including Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Tensor Networks) - Arata Yamamoto (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Toward Simulations of Scalar Quantum Electrodynamics on Quantum Computers - Erik Gustafson (University of Iowa)   ()
9:15 PM 3+1D Topological $\theta$-Term in the Hamiltonian Formulation of Lattice Gauge Theories for Quantum and Classical Simulations - Angus Kan (University of Waterloo)   ()
9:30 PM Fuzzy sphere regularization of the 1+1 dimensional sigma model - Andrea Carosso (University of Colorado Boulder)   ()
9:45 PM Hybrid analog-digital quantum simulations for quantum field theories - Prof. Zohreh Davoudi (University of Maryland, College Park)   ()
10:00 PM Real-time Quantum Calculations of Phase Shifts On NISQ Hardware Platforms Using Wavepacket Time Delay - Patrick Dreher (NC State University)   ()
10:15 PM Quantum simulation of quantum mechanics with a theta-term for a 't Hooft anomaly - Jiayu Shen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
10:30 PM Accessing scattering amplitudes using quantum computers - Juan Guerrero (Hampton University/Jefferson Lab)   ()
10:45 PM Quantum algorithm for simulation of an SU(2) lattice gauge theory with fermions - Jesse Stryker (University of Maryland)   ()
9:00 PM
Hadron Structure (until 10:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM The lower moments of nucleon structure functions in lattice QCD with physical quark masses - Ryutaro Tsuji   ()
9:15 PM Compton amplitude and the nucleon structure functions via the Feynman-Hellmann theorem - Dr Kadir Utku Can (The University of Adelaide)   ()
9:30 PM Nucleon Form Factors from the Feynman-Hellmann Method in Lattice QCD - Mischa Batelaan (The University of Adelaide)   ()
9:45 PM Generalised Parton Distributions from Feynman-Hellmann Techniques in Lattice QCD - Mr Alec Hannaford-Gunn (The University of Adelaide)   ()
9:00 PM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Alexei Bazavov (Michigan State University) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Lee-Yang singularities, series expansions and the critical point - Prof. Gokce Basar (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)   ()
9:15 PM Chromo-electric screening length in 2+1 flavor QCD - Peter Petreczky (BNL)   ()
9:30 PM Static potential at non-zero temperature from fine lattices - Daniel Hoying (UConn/BNL)   ()
9:45 PM Bottomonia screening masses in 2+1 flavor QCD - Sayantan Sharma   ()
10:00 PM Critical endpoints in (2+1)- and 4-flavor QCD with Wilson-Clover fermions - Dr Hiroshi Ohno (Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba)   ()
10:15 PM Inhomogeneous phases in the chiral Gross-Neveu model on the lattice - Chiho Nonaka (Nagoya University)   ()
10:30 PM QCD viscosity by combining the gradient flow and sparse modeling methods - Etsuko Itou   ()
9:00 PM
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model - Maarten Golterman (San Francisco State University) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Lattice QCD calculation of the electroweak box diagrams for the kaon semileptonic decays - Pengxiang Ma (Peking University)   ()
9:15 PM $B \to D^{(*)}\ell\nu$ semileptonic decays in lattice QCD with domain-wall heavy quarks - Takashi Kaneko (KEK)   ()
9:30 PM Calculation of kaon semileptonic form factor with the PACS10 configurations - Takeshi Yamazaki   ()
9:45 PM Controlling unwanted exponentials in lattice calculations of radiative leptonic decays - Christopher Kane (University of Arizona)   ()
10:00 PM $K \to \pi\pi$ decay matrix elements at the physical point with periodic boundary conditions - Masaaki Tomii   ()
10:15 PM Towards determining the short-distance contribution to neutrinoless double-beta decay from lattice QCD. - Saurabh Kadam (University of Maryland College Park)   ()
10:30 PM Calculation of neutron electric dipole moment due to the QCD topological term, Weinberg three-gluon operator and the quark chromoelectric moment - Dr Tanmoy Bhattacharya (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
10:45 PM Neutron Electric Dipole Moment with Enhanced Low Mode Statistics - Michael Abramczyk (University of Connecticut)   ()
9:00 PM
Theoretical developments and applications beyond particle physics - Jun Nishimura (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Search for Efficient Formulations of non-Abelian Lattice Gauge Theories for Hamiltonian Simulation - Dr Indrakshi Raychowdhury (University of Maryland)   ()
9:15 PM Introducing Fermionic Quantum Link Models - Debasish Banerjee (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics)   ()
9:30 PM A spin-charge flip symmetric fixed point in 2+1d with massless Dirac fermions - Hanqing Liu (Duke University)   ()
9:45 PM Critical exponents at the spin-charge flip symmetric fixed point in 2+1d with massless Dirac fermions - Emilie Huffman (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   ()
10:00 PM Excitations of isolated static charges in the charge q=2 abelian Higgs model - Dr Kazue Matsuyama (San Francisco State University)   ()
10:15 PM Large $N$ simulation of the twisted reduced matrix model with an adjoint Majorana fermion - Ken-Ichi Ishikawa (Hiroshima University)   ()
10:30 PM A new phase in the Lorentzian type IIB matrix model and the emergence of continuous space-time - Mitsuaki Hirasawa (KEK)   ()
10:45 PM Relationship between the Euclidean and Lorentzian versions of type IIB matrix model - Kohta Hatakeyama (KEK)   ()
10:00 PM
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry - Waseem Kamleh (University of Adelaide) (until 11:00 PM) ()
10:00 PM Monopoles of the Dirac type and color confinement in QCD - Tsuneo Suzuki (Osaka University)   ()
10:15 PM Investigating quark confinement from the viewpoint of lattice gauge scalar models - Ryu Ikeda (Chiba University)   ()
10:30 PM Peeking into the theta vacuum of 4d Yang-Mills theory - Norikazu Yamada (KEK)   ()
11:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 11:59 PM) ()
11:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 11:59 PM) ()
11:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 11:59 PM) ()
11:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 11:59 PM) ()
11:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 11:59 PM) ()
12:00 PM Public lecture: QCD: The Glory and The Power - Prof. Frank Wilczek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
1:00 PM
Algorithms (including Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Tensor Networks) - Xiao-Yong Jin (Argonne National Laboratory) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Smearing is a neural network - Akio Tomiya (RIKEN BNL Research Center)   ()
1:15 PM Contour Deformations for Lattice Field Theory - Neill Warrington (University of Washington)   ()
1:30 PM Observifolds: Taming the observable signal-to-noise problem via path integral contour deformations - Gurtej Kanwar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
1:45 PM From lattice QCD to heavy-flavor in-medium potential via deep learning - Dr Shuzhe SHI (McGill University)   ()
2:00 PM Bayesian Model Averaging for Lattice Field Theory - Prof. Ethan Neil (University of Colorado Boulder)   ()
2:15 PM Real Time Dynamics At Large N - Scott Lawrence (University of Colorado, Boulder)   ()
2:30 PM Tensor renormalization group analysis for reduced staggered fermions - Ryo Sakai (University of Iowa)   ()
2:45 PM Tensor network simulations at nonzero chemical potential and temperature - Jacques Bloch Jacques Bloch   ()
1:00 PM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Hartmut Wittig (Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (DE)) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Scale setting and the light baryon spectrum on CLS ensembles - Wolfgang Soeldner (University of Regensburg)   ()
1:15 PM Towards robust constraints on nuclear effective field theory from lattice QCD - Marc Illa (Universitat de Barcelona)   ()
1:30 PM Continuum limit of baryon-baryon scattering with SU(3) flavor symmetry - Dr Jeremy Green (CERN)   ()
1:45 PM H-dibaryon away from the $SU(3)_f$ symmetric point - Padmanath Madanagopalan (Universität Mainz)   ()
2:00 PM 50 ways to build a deuteron: a variational calculation of two-nucleon systems - Michael Wagman   ()
2:15 PM Toward a resolution of the NN controversy - Amy Nicholson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   ()
2:30 PM Coulomb corrections to pi-pi scattering - Joseph Karpie (Columbia University in the City of New York)   ()
2:45 PM Validation of the Lüscher method on the lattice - Frank Lee (George Washington University)   ()
1:00 PM
Hadron Structure - Michael Engelhardt (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Variations to the z-Expansion of the Form Factor Describing the Decay of B Mesons - Daniel Simons (University of Iowa)   ()
1:15 PM Towards a Calculation of the Nucleon Axial Form factor with Highly Improved Staggered Quarks - Yin Lin (University of Chicago)   ()
1:30 PM Nucleon Axial Form Factor from Domain Wall on HISQ - Aaron Meyer (University of California Berkeley)   ()
1:45 PM Nucleon Form Factors in the Continuum Limit from Clover-on-HISQ Formulation - Dr Yong-Chull Jang (Columbia University)   ()
2:00 PM Progress on the extraction of parton distributions from Ioffe time distributions - Savvas Zafeiropoulos (Aix Marseille Univ. & CNRS)   ()
2:15 PM PDF in PDFs from Lattice Formulation - Kehfei Liu   ()
2:30 PM Flavor decomposition for the proton unpolarized, helicity and transversity parton distribution functions - Floriano Manigrasso (University of Cyprus)   ()
2:45 PM Towards determining polarized gluon distribution from lattice QCD - Raza Sufian (William & Mary / Jefferson Lab)   ()
1:00 PM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Victor Braguta (ITEP) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Quark Density in Lattice QC$_2$D at Imaginary and Real Chemical Potential - Roman Rogalev (Institute for High Energy Physics of NRC Kurchatov Institute (R)   ()
1:15 PM Thermal QCD phase transition and its scaling window from Wilson twisted mass fermions - Andrey Kotov   ()
1:30 PM The QCD Deconfinement Critical Point for $N_f=2$ Flavors of Staggered Fermions - Reinhold Kaiser (Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
1:45 PM Lattice QCD at imaginary chemical potential in the chiral limit. - Jishnu Goswami (Bielefeld University)   ()
2:00 PM The light Roberge-Weiss tricritical endpoint at imaginary isospin chemical potential - Christopher Winterowd (Goethe Universitaet)   ()
2:15 PM QCD thermodynamics at nonzero isospin asymmetry - Bastian Brandt (University of Bielefeld)   ()
2:30 PM Searching for the BCS phase at nonzero isospin asymmetry - Francesca Cuteri (Goethe Universität)   ()
2:45 PM Thermal QCD with external imaginary electric fields on the lattice - Gergely Endrodi (University of Bielefeld)   ()
1:00 PM
Theoretical developments and applications beyond particle physics - Simon Catterall (Syracuse University ) (until 3:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Coupling Yang--Mills with Causal Dynamical Triangulations - Giuseppe Clemente (Radboud University, IMAPP)   ()
1:15 PM Newtonian Binding from Lattice Quantum Gravity - Mingwei Dai (Syracuse University)   ()
1:30 PM The de Sitter Instanton from Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations - Marc Schiffer (Heidelberg University)   ()
1:45 PM Towards the Low-Energy EFT of Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations - Kenneth Ratliff (Syracuse University)   ()
2:00 PM Real time dynamics of a semiclassical gravitational collapse of a scalar quantum field. - Christian Hoelbling (Wuppertal University)   ()
2:15 PM Thermalization of gauge theories from their entanglement spectra - Niklas Mueller (University of Maryland)   ()
2:30 PM Spectral reconstruction of an inclusive rate in the two-dimensional O(3) model - John Bulava (DESY-Zeuthen)   ()
2:45 PM New universality classes of the non-Hermitian Dirac operator in QCD-like theories - Tilo Wettig (University of Regensburg)   ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
3:00 PM
Discussion/social (until 4:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions - Robert Edwards (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Connecting Matrix Elements to Multi-Hadron Form-Factors - Andrew Jackura (Indiana University) Dr Andrew Jackura (Old Dominion University and Jefferson Lab)   ()
9:15 PM I=0 and 2 pion-pion scattering phase shift with physical quark mass - Tianle Wang (Columbia University)   ()
9:30 PM Long-range processes with two-particle intermediate states - Raul Briceno (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facillity)   ()
9:45 PM Investigating exotic heavy-light tetraquarks with 2+1 flavour lattice QCD - Dr Brian Colquhoun (York University)   ()
10:00 PM Excited $J^{--}$ meson resonances at the SU(3) flavor point from lattice QCD - Chris Johnson (William & Mary)   ()
10:15 PM A new method for a lattice QCD calculation of ηc→2γ - Yu Meng (Peking Unversity)   ()
10:30 PM Evidence of glueballs at physical point - feiyu chen   ()
10:45 PM An improvement of glueball mass calculations using gradient flow - Keita Sakai (Tohoku University)   ()
9:00 PM
Hadron Structure - Shigemi Ohta (KEK High Energy Accelerator Organization) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Calculation of the Gluon PDF using Pseudo-PDF technique - Md Tanjib Atique Khan (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)   ()
9:15 PM Gluon Parton Distribution of the Pion and Nucleon from Lattice QCD - Zhouyou Fan   ()
9:30 PM Unpolarized and polarized gluon pseudo-distributions at short distances: Forward case - Wayne Morris (Old Dominion University)   ()
9:45 PM Strange and charm contributions to nucleon charges and moments - Rui Zhang (Michigan state university)   ()
10:00 PM Gravitational form factors of the proton - Daniel Hackett (MIT)   ()
10:15 PM Gravitational Form Factors for Hadrons of Different Spins - Dimitra Pefkou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
10:30 PM The contribution of QCD trace anomaly to hadron mass - Fangcheng He (Institute of Theoretical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
10:45 PM Comparison of the MOM and SMOM renormalization - Yi-Bo Yang (CAS)   ()
9:00 PM
QCD at nonzero Temperature and Density - Kazuyuki Kanaya (University of Tsukuba) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Funny business from the large $N_c$ finite temperature crossover - Thomas DeGrand (university of colorado)   ()
9:15 PM Semiclassical ensembles of instanton-dyons describe the deconfinement and chiral phase transitions, in the usual and deformed QCD - Prof. Edward Shuryak (Stony Brook University)   ()
9:30 PM The sign problem, {\mathcal PT} symmetry, and exotic phases - Michael Ogilvie (Washington University in St. Louis)   ()
9:45 PM $\mathcal{PT}$ symmetry and patterns in finite-density QCD - Stella Schindler (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
10:00 PM Conjecture about the QCD Phase Diagram - Wolfgang Bietenholz (UNAM, Mexico)   ()
10:15 PM Single static-quark system above Tc investigated by energy-momentum tensor in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory - Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka University)   ()
10:30 PM Particle density probability distribution function and center symmetry breaking in finite density lattice gauge theories - Shinji Ejiri (Niigata University)   ()
10:45 PM Worldvolume tempered Lefschetz thimble method and its error estimation - Nobuyuki Matsumoto (RIKEN)   ()
9:00 PM
Theoretical developments and applications beyond particle physics - C.-J. David Lin (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM Light Hadron Spectrum from a Yang-Mills Matrix Model - Mahul Pandey (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)   ()
9:15 PM Lattice QFT on Curved Spacetime for CFT and BSM - Richard Brower (Boston University)   ()
9:30 PM Quantum Counter Terms for Lattice Field Theory on Curved Manifolds - Evan Owen (Boston University)   ()
9:45 PM Fields in fluctuating hyperbolic space - Dr Simon Catterall (Syracuse University) Muhammad Asaduzzaman (Syracuse University)   ()
10:00 PM Chiral fermion on curved domain-wall - Shoto Aoki (Osaka university)   ()
10:15 PM Restoration of chiral symmetry in cold and dense Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model with tensor renormalization group - Yoshinobu Kuramashi (University of Tsukuba)   ()
10:30 PM Tensor renormalization group of two-dimensional U(1) lattice gauge theory with a θ term - Yusuke Yoshimura (University of Tsukuba)   ()
10:45 PM Tensor renormalization group approach to (1+1)-dimensional Hubbard model - Shinichiro Akiyama (University of Tsukuba)   ()
9:00 PM
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry - Zhaofeng Liu (Institute of High Energy Physics) (until 11:00 PM) ()
9:00 PM The dual Meissner effect due to Abelian Dirac-type monopoles in QCD - Atsuki Hiraguchi (Kochi University)   ()
9:15 PM Magnetic monopole dominance for the Wilson loops in higher representations - Akihiro Shibata   ()
9:30 PM Emergent phenomena from centre vortices in lattice QCD - Dr Waseem Kamleh (University of Adelaide)   ()