PLHC2011 - Physics at LHC 2011

Perugia Congress Center GIO

Perugia Congress Center GIO

Via R. D'andreotto, Perugia
Daniel Denegri (DAPNIA), Gian Mario Bilei (INFN Perugia), Giancarlo Mantovani (Univ. and INFN Perugia), Guenakh Mitselmakher (University of Florida), Leonardo Rossi (Sezione di Genova), Thomas Le Compte (Argonne National Laboratory)

This is the sixth Conference in the series started in Prague in 2003 and held in Prague (2003), Vienna (2004), Cracow (2006) , Split (2008) and at DESY (Hamburg site) in 2010.

The conference covers the following topics: 
    * Higgs physics
    * Supersymmetry
    * Standard Model and beyond
    * Top physics
    * Beauty physics
    * Heavy-ion physics
    * Diffraction and forward physics