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Authorization to enter Germany depends on the originating country or region (please check new regulation to enter Germany here). Countries are classified in 4 categories just as below: 

- country is not listed at all -> no quarantine requirement
- country is considered "risk" area -> you will need to quarantine for 10 days with the option to get a negative test after 5 days to end quarantine early.  You will need to provide a PCR test after entry to Germany ( unless you travel by plan as a negative test is needed onboard)
-country is considered "high incidence" area -> you will need to quarantine for 10 day with no option to get out earlier. You must carry a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate when entering the country, taken not more than 48 hours before entry.
-country is considered "virus variant of concern" area -> Entrance to Germany is not possible

As of May 25 th, the below information has been gathered: 

-Finland: not listed (changed from high risk for 3 regions)
-France:  risk area ( changed from high incidence area)
-Switzerland: risk area
-Belgium: risk area
-Sweden: high incidence area
-Netherlands: high incidence area
-UK mainland: virus variant of concern area (entrance in the country is no longer permited)

Updated information here .


Here you can find the most important frequently asked questions.


It is the responsibility of the participants to check on the travel restrictions. Please note that the above information is consistently subject to change and should be fully checked upon travel to Mainz.

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Updated on 25 may 2021.