Dec 13 – 16, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Mathematics in Physics Education: Enhancing mathematization in physics education by digital tools

Dec 15, 2021, 4:00 PM
1h 30m
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Zoom ID: 701 110 5127, Passcode: 12345

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Symposium in Wroclaw 19. Interplay between physics and mathematics Parallel 8 - Wroclaw/Guayaquil


Gesche Pospiech


The GTG Mathematics in Physics Education follows the philosophy of supporting physics understanding by the conscious use of mathematical structures. The Symposium discusses the possible roles of digital tools in promoting physics understanding by fostering sensemaking of computations, geometrical visualizations or diagrams in a physics context.

Primary author


Prof. Lana Ivanjek (TU Dresden) Dr Elias Euler (Lund University, Sweden) Bor Gregorcic (Uppsala University, Sweden) Jesper Haglund (Karlstad University, Sweden) Dr Lorena Solvang (Karlstad University, Sweden) David Perl-Nussbaum (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) Prof. Edit Yerushalmi (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel )

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