Oct 18 – 22, 2021
America/New_York timezone

Guidelines for speakers

Guidelines for speakers of the plenary sessions

All plenary talks should be presented live on Zoom. The live presentations and subsequent discussions will be recorded. The audio/video recording will be made public on the agenda. If the speaker would not like to have the recording uploaded, please let us know via higgs2021-admins@cern.ch. The speakers are invited to upload their slides on indico before their presentation. For slides the pdf format is highly encouraged. 

Duration of plenary talks

  • For invited plenary talks the allocated time is shown on the indico timetable, where, e.g., “(20+10)” means that you have 20 minutes for your presentation and 10 minutes for the subsequent discussion. 
  • For plenary talks in the Young Scientist Forum (YSF) the allocated time is 10 minutes including discussion. We suggest that your talk should not exceed seven, or maximum 8 minutes. 

Please stay within your allocated talk time (the session chairs will be strict).

Zoom guidelines

  • Please be ready to share your screen on Zoom at the beginning of your talk.
  • During the presentation we invite you to switch on your video camera
  • We recommend ensuring that your mouse pointer or Zoom virtual laser pointer is visible in presentation mode (e.g., in Apple Keynote: go to “Preferences” and on the “Slideshow” tab, select “Show pointer when using the mouse or trackpad”). 

Guidelines for speakers of the parallel sessions

Speakers of the parallel sessions should prepare a pre-recorded video and present a short summary of their talk in the live session, as detailed below. 

Duration of videos and live discussions

  • For standard parallel talks the pre-recorded video should not exceed 15 min, and the short summary during the live sessions should not exceed 2-3 min.  The available time for the life discussion (including the short summary) is 10 min per talk on average, and can vary depending on the questions. 
  • For talks of the Young Scientist Forum (YSF) scheduled in the parallel sessions the pre-recorded video should not exceed 10 min, and the short summary during the live sessions should not exceed 1-2 min.  The available time for the life discussion (including the short summary) is 5 min per talk on average, and can vary depending on the questions. 

Pre-recorded videos and slides should be made available in advance

  • Your pre-recorded video should be uploaded to the indico agenda entry of your talk three full days before the start of your session
  • For video recordings you may want to use Zoom (see instructions below).
  • Your slides should be uploaded to indico together with the video. For slides the pdf format is highly encouraged.

Online discussions on mattermost 

Parallel talks will have a dedicated mattermost channel (to be announced), where the participants can ask questions on the video presentation

  • The mattermost channels will be active before, during, and after the live discussions.
  • At the latest once you have uploaded your slides and video, please subscribe to the appropriate mattermost channel using your full name. We also recommend adding your picture to your mattermost profile. 
  • We encourage you to answer simple understanding questions on mattermost before the live discussion of your talk, but please refrain from answering everything via mattermost, as the most interesting topics should be discussed during the life sessions.
  • Once the live discussion of your talk is over, please keep monitoring your mattermost channel and continue any further discussions until the end of the conference. 

Format of live discussions

During the parallel sessions the pre-recorded talks will be discussed live via Zoom

  • At the beginning of each discussion, the speaker at hand will be asked to present a very short summary of his/her talk in a couple of slides. The purpose of this is that people who did not watch the pre-recorded talk still understand what the discussion will be about.
  • In addition, for the discussion after your summary, you may want to prepare extra slides that address some of the questions asked in the mattermost forum. For convenience we recommend appending the short-summary slides and the extra slides to your original slides, such as to have a single document that you can use during the live discussion.

Selection of best parallel presentations

From all parallel presentations, the few best ones will be selected. The selected best ones will be announced in the Friday closeout session and will be prominently shown on the main conference web page. The selection will be done based on the uploaded pre-recorded video of the presentation.

Guidelines for Zoom video recordings

1. Simply open your own Zoom room

2. Share your presentation (in full-screen mode), as you would do for any Zoom meeting


3. Turn on your camera (so that the audience sees you), don’t forget to also unmute your microphone, and press the record button (record to your own computer). 


5. Once you leave your Zoom room, Zoom will create the video file that you can then edit (if you like) and upload to indico (together with your slides in pdf-format).