Sep 12 – 16, 2022
University of Edinburgh
Europe/London timezone
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A 256 channel photon counting module using a square microchannel plate PMT in a tight packing envelop achieving < 100 ps single photon timing.

Sep 15, 2022, 5:40 PM
University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

presentation Photon detection techniques for Cherenkov imaging counters Photon detection techniques for Cherenkov counters


J. Milnes


Photek have developed a square microchannel plate (MCP) PMT using 6 µm pore MCPs to achieve superior timing, compared to the previous generation which used 15 µm pores. The native anode pattern is 64x64, but for this module the pattern is ganged to a 16x16 design using an epoxy bonded PCB giving an anode size of 3.3×3.3 mm2 in a 53×53 mm2 active area. The electronic front-end is the TOFPET2d ASIC from Petsys Electronics, a combined amplifier / discriminator / TDC with 30 ps time bins and capable of 480 kHz per channel count rate, with sufficient dynamic range to allow for the gain variation inherent in large area MCP-PMTs. Communications is through gigabit ethernet. The outer envelope of the combined PMT and electronic front-end package allows for close packing on 4 sides with outer dimensions of 60×62 mm giving a 76% fill factor. We present results showing the uniformity of detection efficiency, single photon timing accuracy and count rate capability. All data is taken on PMTs with ALD coated MCPs capable of > 5 C/cm2 accumulated lifetime.

Primary authors

J. Milnes Mrs A. Duran (Photek Ltd) T. Conneely (Photek LTD) P. Hink (Photek USA LLC)

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