Sep 12 – 16, 2022
University of Edinburgh
Europe/London timezone
RICH2022 in Edinburgh is dedicated to the memory of Jacques Séguinot (1932-2020)

Scientific Programme

The Workshop will present the “state of the art” and the future developments in Cherenkov light imaging techniques for applications in High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics and Astroparticle Physics. The conference is organized in plenary sessions of invited and contributed talks, and poster presentations.

Special talks:
Homage to Jacques Seguinot
Tord Ekelof (Uppsala, Sweden)

Homage to Sheldon Stone
Franz Muheim (Edinburgh, UK)

Outcome and conclusions of the ECFA Roadmap process for PID and photon-detector R&Ds
Neville Harnew (Oxford,UK)

Review talks:
Overview of RICH detectors in particle and nuclear physics experiments
Silvia Gambetta (Edinburgh, UK)

Overview of RICH detectors in astroparticle physics experiments
Christian Spiering (DESY, Germany)

The control of refractive index and chromaticity in gas radiators of large Cherenkov detectors:a challenge in the era of diminishing fluorocarbon gas availability
Gregory Hallewell (Marseille, France)

Status and perspectives of micro-pattern gaseous photon detectors
Florian Brunbauer (CERN, Switzerland)

Status and perspectives of SiPM
Alberto Gola (FBK Trento, Italy)

Status and perspectives of vacuum-based photon detectors
Albert Lehmann (Erlangen, Germany)

List of topics

  • Cherenkov light imaging in particle and nuclear physics experiments

    Conveners: Neville Harnew and Toru Iijima

  • Cherenkov light imaging in neutrino and astroparticle physics experiments

    Conveners: Greg Hallewell and Werner Hofmann

  • Pattern recognition and data analysis

    Conveners: Jurgen Engelfried and Roger Forty

  • R&D for future experiment

    Conveners: Silva Dalla Torre and Eugenio Nappi

  • Photon detection techniques for Cherenkov imaging counters

    Conveners: Antonello Di Mauro and Samo Korpar

  • Technological aspects and applications

    Conveners: Evgeniy Kravchenko and Jochen Schwiening