SoC Interest Group Meeting

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 3:00 PM
CERN (40/S2-A01)

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May 3, 2022
3:00 PM Introduction - Ralf Spiwoks (CERN)   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
3:05 PM Application of MPSoC on the ATLAS L0Muon Sector-Logic blade: Control and single-board DAQ for commissioning - Akihiro Mishima (University of Tokyo (JP))   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
3:35 PM CMS HGCal and gitlab chain - Arnaud Steen (National Taiwan University (TW))   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
4:05 PM Kria, Split Boot and beyond – An Update of the Serenity group's ZynqMP activities - Marvin Fuchs (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
4:30 PM --- Break ---
4:40 PM Common Operating System for Front-end Computers and SoCs in CERN-ATS - Federico Vaga (CERN)   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
5:10 PM DMA transfers between PL and PS on MPSoC from user space without custom kernel driver - Hampus Sandberg (CERN)   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)
5:30 PM Deploying and testing firmware/software on Zynq MPSoC with GitLab CI/CD pipelines - Vasileios Amoiridis (CERN)   (40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson)