RADNEXT 1st Annual Meeting



Ruben Garcia Alia (CERN)

The RADNEXT (Radiation Facility Network for the Exploration of effects for Industry and Research) is co-funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructures call. The project began on the 1st of June 2021 and will run for 4 years. The First annual meeting assembles the 31 beneficiaries and numerous associate partners to discuss the scientific and technical achievements since the Kick-off Meeting in May 2021, as well as the plans for the second year of the project.

The First annual meeting will consist of plenary sessions for Work Packages and Transnational Access. The first day will be dedicated to Work Packages presentations, and the second, to facility Transnational Access presentations.

The event is intended as fully in person.

June 8th: Dirac Room - 40/S2-D01

June 9th: Curie Room - 40/S2-C01

Please, have a look at the CERN Map in order to find the rooms.

For questions or further information on the RADNEXT 1st Annual Meeting, please contact the Local Organizing Committee.

General information on how to get from Geneva airport or train station to CERN can be found here.

If you are interested in experiencing a guided tour, make sure to register online. You also have the possibility to explore two permanent exhibitions, Microcosm and Universe of particles.

  • Alain Carapelle
  • Andre Martins Pio de Mattos
  • Andrea Coronetti
  • Andreas Waets
  • Angelo Infantino
  • Anna Ferrari
  • Arto Antero Javanainen
  • Blerina Gkotse
  • Brian Jones
  • Carlo Cazzaniga
  • Caroline Boudou
  • Christopher Frost
  • Cleiton Marques
  • Cloe Levointurier-Vajda
  • Daniel Prelipcean
  • Daniil Koliadko
  • Diego Di Francesca
  • Dominika Senajova
  • Eloïse DESSAY
  • Ennio Capria
  • Federico Ravotti
  • Francoise Bezerra
  • Frederic Saigne
  • Frédéric Wrobel
  • Gerd Luis Datzmann
  • Giuseppe Lerner
  • Giuseppe Pezzullo
  • Jeffrey Prinzie
  • Jerome Boch
  • Jochen Kuhnhenn
  • Kacper Bilko
  • Louise Coussen
  • Luca Weninger
  • Luigi Dilillo
  • Luis Alfonso Entrena Arrontes
  • Manon LETICHE
  • Maria Kastriotou
  • Maria Teresa Alvarez Alonso
  • Mario Sacristan Barbero
  • Matteo Cecchetto
  • Matteo Ferrari
  • Pablo Federico Lopez
  • Pierre Jouvelot
  • renaud mangeret
  • Roberto Versaci
  • Ruben Garcia Alia
  • Sabrina El Yacoubi
  • Salvatore Fiore
  • Sylvain Girard
  • Vanessa Wyrwoll
  • Viktor Varga
  • Viliam Senaj
  • vincent girones
  • Wojciech Hajdas
  • Ygor Aguiar
  • Yolanda Morilla