The Very-Low-Energy Neutrino Factory

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Prof. Alan Bross (Fermilab)


Recent results from MiniBooNE and new calculations regarding the anti-neutrino flux from reactors provide exciting new motivation to study neutrino oscillations physics at L/E 1. Using a targeting system similar to the one used for MiniBooNE and a muon storage/decay ring with central E of 1.5 GeV gives the capability to measure electron neutrino disappearance with 1% precision using a suitably designed near detector and the MiniBooNE detector as the far detector. This talk will describe the overall concept including targeting, collection and ring design and will give estimated event rates (based on MiniBooNE as the far detector). Finally, we will describe some possible near detector configurations and far detector options.

Primary author

Prof. Alan Bross (Fermilab)


Charles Ankenbrandt (Muons Inc./Fermilab) David Neuffer (Fermilab) Milorad Popovic (Fermilab)

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