General Information


Transport between CERN and Geneva Airport

Shuttle is available during certain hours between the Geneva Airport and CERN.
For more information please
refer to the CERN Shuttle Service website.
For transport outside these hours, please call for a taxi at the following number : 022 320 22 02.

Coming to CERN: please follow this link

Accessing CERN
Your workshop badge = your access card to enter CERN. Please bring it EVERY DAY
This badge will be distributed as follows:
  • Participants who have made an online booking through the registration form at  the CERN hostel or at the Hotel Grenil: you will receive your badge + conference material upon your arrival to the hotel
  • Participants who have not made their accommodation reservation through the online registration form: Please collect your badge and conference material at the CERN reception desk, building 33 during their opening hours between 8:00 and 17:45. For arrival outside working hours: please address yourself to the guardian at the main entrance B.
  • Participants who are already in possession of a valid access card to CERN and who have not requested one through the online registration: please collect your workshop badge and conference material in front of the meeting room on the 1st August.

Getting around CERN: please follow this link 

CERN Phone Book: please follow this link

Coming to UNIGE: please follow this link

Transport between CERN and UNIGE: please follow this link
Tram no 18 to Coutance, then change to Bus no 10 to Musée d'éthnographie.
Then walk to 24, quai Ernest Ansermet

Request for tickets available through registration form upon registration only. Distribution:
  • Stays in either of the hotels referenced under "Accommodation":
    Tickets will be made available upon your arrival to your hotel
  • Others: Tickets will be provided together with the conference material upon your arrival to the conference.

UNIGE Phone Book: please follow this link

Suggestions on what to do in Geneva