WG2: MINERvA Reconstruction and Operations Status

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Gabriel Perdue (The University of Rochester)


MINERvA (Main INjEctoR ExpeRiment nu-A) is a few-GeV neutrino scattering experiment that began taking data in the NuMI beam at Fermilab (FNAL) in the Fall of 2009. MINERvA employs a fine-grained detector, with an eight ton active target region composed of plastic scintillator. It also uses nuclear targets composed of carbon, iron, and lead placed upstream of the active region to measure nu-A dependence. The experiment will provide important inputs for neutrino oscillation searches and a pure weak probe of nuclear structure. We offer a set of initial kinematic distributions of interest and provide a summary of current operations and reconstruction status.

Primary author

Gabriel Perdue (The University of Rochester)

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