Development of the superconducting solenoid for the MuHFS experiment at J-PARC

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Dr Kenichi Sasaki (KEK)


A new experiment to measure hyperfine transitions in the ground state of muonium, called HFS experiment, is proposed as one of the future J-PARC project. The objective is to measure the value of the ground state hyperfine structure interval of muonium down to the level of a few ppb, and also determine the ratio of muon and proton magnetic moment with 10 ppb. For this measurement, a magnetic field of 1.7 T with both high uniformity and stability is required. On the other hand, the g-2 experiment at J-PARC to measure the anomalous magnetic moment of the positive muon is planed. This experiment also requires the superconducting solenoid with high uniformity and stability, although the field strength of 3 T and the required uniform region are larger than the HFS magnet. In order to minimize the development time and maximize the synergy between both experiments, we decided to built the magnet which could generate the field strength of 3.4 T. This paper reports the current status of the HFS magnet system development. The field monitoring system to evaluate the field uniformity are also presented.

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