Jul 4 – 8, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

Lecture Recordings on YouTube

The lecture recordings will be uploaded to the HITRIplus YouTube Channel shortly after each lecture has finished. You can also find the links to each individual lecture below:


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Accelerators for Hadron Therapy

Lecture 3: NIMMS-SEEIIST Design

Lecture 4: LhARA - Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications

Lecture 5: State-of-the-art magnet technology

Lecture 6: Marburg Facility

Lecture 7: Start of Biophysics in Hadron Therapy and LBL


Lecture 8: Radiobiology for Hadron Therapy

Lecture 9: Proton Therapy Highlights of Inspire project advances in Proton therapy

Lecture 10: Clinical considerations for hadron therapy

Lecture 11: Patient selection, costing and business development in heavy ion therapy

Lecture 12: Knowledge transfer and intellectual property

Lecture 13: Certification aspects of heavy ion therapy machines

Lecture 14: Overview on how to Structure an Effective Proposal


Lecture 15: Communicating Science

Lecture 16: Simulations as essential tools at every stage of hadron therapy research

Lecture 17: Treatment planning

Lecture 18: Monte Carlo Dose Calculations

Train the Trainers: Hands-on Session


Lecture 19: Gantry Design and beam dynamics

Lecture 20: Physics of Dosimetry 

Lecture 21: How lineal energy is related to linear energy transfer and how it is not

Lecture 22: Imaging

Lecture 23: Hadron therapy control system

Lecture 24: Student Case Studies "Beams and Dreams"

Lecture 25: Future Directions in Imaging for hadron therapy


Lecture 26: Entrepreneurship

Lecture 27: CNAO Virtual Visit

Lecture 28: Moving targets and precision 4D-delivery; Arc delivery

Lecture 29: Introduction to the MedAustron Facility

Lecture 30: ADAM and LIGHT

Lecture 31: External Beam Ablation Medical Devices

Lecture 32: Key Aspects of Safety in Particle Therapy

Final Lecture: Closing Thoughts from Organisers