SMARTHEP School on Collider Physics and Machine Learning at UniGe

École de Physique / Stuckelberg Auditorium (UniGe)

École de Physique / Stuckelberg Auditorium


24, quai Ernest Ansermet 1205 Genève
Anna Sfyrla (Universite de Geneve (CH)), Caterina Doglioni (University of Manchester (GB)), Steven Schramm (Universite de Geneve (CH))


The school starts on Tuesday afternoon and finishes Friday afternoon. Besides the lectures, two evening seminars are scheduled. All lectures and seminars will take place at the University of Geneva, École de Physique.

All SMARTHEP students are expected to participate to the first network school. Students from the same institutes collaborating with the network are also welcome to apply, up to a total of 35 students (including the SMARTHEP ones). 

PIs and partners that wish to participate should also please register.


Registration deadline: 15 December 2022.