Oct 16 – 20, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone

VISA information

Please read through this document carefully, and provide the necessary information. The information you provide will be used by us in preparing the supporting documents you need for your visa application.

NOTE: VISA processes may take 1.5 months or even longer depending on your situation and embassies/consulates

First, please confirm the following, since documents will be prepared under the name of KEK:

a) You will be responsible for compliance with Japanese law during your stay in Japan.

b) The purpose of your visit is only to participate in the DIRAC&Rucio Workshop 2023, and no other activities are to be included. No document will be prepared for private traveling. (Belle II members should please contact directly the Belle secretariat)

Based on the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the following documents are to be prepared for your VISA application:

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Letter of Reason for Invitation
  • Schedule of Stay
  • Defrayment of visit, both travel and local expenses (to be provided by your institute)

Please note that it takes around 1 week to issue these documents.

If you would like to have an invitation letter, please let us know.


Second, you need to be registered as a KEK user to get the documents for VISA application prepared by KEK. Please contact DR23-local-organizer@ml.post.kek.jp as soon as possible with the information below by filling this spreadsheet:

  1. The name of the Japanese consulate or the embassy where you are going to apply for your visa:
  2. Duration of the visit
    • the date to leave your own country (date of departure of your trip to Japan)
    • the date you will leave Japan
  3. Airport names and flight numbers for your trip, including connecting flight(s), both to and from Japan:
  4. Accommodation information during the visit
    • Name of the hotel:
    • Address:
    • Phone number:
    • URL of the hotel:
  5. Defrayment of the visit (both travel and local expenses) is to be provided by your institute.
  6. Last 2 visits to Japan, if any (dates of arrival in and departure from Japan):
  7. Please first confirm whether the embassy or the consulate accepts PDF documents, or not. 
    • If they do, PDF files of the scanned documents will be provided as soon as we receive the documents. 
    • In case not, please provide your postal address, including your phone number, to which original documents can be delivered by EMS (www.ems.post).

Please send us a copy  of your passport showing your personal details (name, date of birth etc.) together with the spreadsheet you filled with the above information.