Oct 16 – 20, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Meeting Venue


The main venue is: KEK, Kobayashi Hall

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK
Tsukuba Campus
Address: 1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801 Japan

Kobayashi Hall is in the building
M01: Kenkyu Honkan Bldg. (M01 in KEK Map)



  • See "Travel information" for how to get to Tsukuba
  • See also KEK page: Tsukuba campus
  • KEK is 10 km away from "Tsukuba Center"
  • From "Tsukuba Center"
    • RECOMMENDED: Commercial bus line "C08", "18", or "71", bound for "Techno-park Oho" at bus gate No.5 at 7:20, 7:50, or 8:12
      • Fare: 460 JPY by cash, or 451 JPY with an IC card (PASMO, SUICA -- see Travel Information)
      • Departing at 7:50 - scheduled to arrive at 8:12 usually with ~5 min. delay
      • Departing at 8:12 - scheduled to arrive at 8:34 usually with ~5 min. delay
      • See the second page of https://www2.kek.jp/rso/Access/pdf/KEK_Center.pdf
      • These busses are more frequent in the commuting hours, less in the other hours, compared to the "Tsuku-bus" below, but larger cars and more adequate for travelers with luggage.
    • Community bus "Tsuku-bus" line "H" (Hokubu Shuttle Bus) at the bus gate No.3 and get off at the bus stop H07 "High Energy Accelerator Research Organization". 
      • Fare: 300 JPY
      • NOTE: please check the time table. There are only 1 bus every 30-50 minutes. Considering the number of people attending the workshop, you may not be able to get in, for this community bus is not very large.
      • Departing at 7:50 - scheduled to arrive at 8:12 usually full of high-school students and workers commuting and with ~5 min. delay 
      • Departing at 8:25 - scheduled to arrive at 8:47 usually with some delay
      • Departing at 9:15 - scheduled to arrive at 9:37
      • NOTE: There is another bus line "O" at the same bus gate No.3. Make sure that you see "H" on the destination display of the bus. (HB departing from Tsukuba center, HA bound for Tsukuba center)
      • See the first page of https://www2.kek.jp/rso/Access/pdf/KEK_Center.pdf
    • Taxi: There is a taxi pool in "Tsukuba Center" bus terminal.


There are a canteen, a cafe, a shop, and occasionally a food cart/truck, to get lunch on campus:

The shop may provide vegetarian/vegan/halal bento boxes (only on request in advance).