May 13 – 17, 2024
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How to get to DESY

Getting to Hamburg

Most flights from within Europe between one and two hours, some budget airlines as well as national carrier. Usually no more than 200-250€ if booked early enough.

Connections from further afield via the usual European hubs. Good connectivity via train, within Germany and from neighbouring countries.

Gettting to the DESY Campus

This page details how to get to the DESY campus in Hamburg.

The journey from the airport via S-Bahn (S1) and bus (No.1), takes about an hour and costs 3.60€. Tickets can be bought via the hvv App which can also provide timetables and connection details. Tickets can also be bought at larger bus stops and all sbahn stations, but not all bus stops have a ticket machine, and cash payments are no longer accepted on buses. Therefore, it is recommened that you download the app if you will be using public transport while in Hamburg.

A taxi to DESY from the airport costs between 50 and 60€.

Additional information on getting to DESY

There is some construction nearing completion at the Notkestrasse entrance to DESY, which means that the usual bus stop is out of service. The simplest way to reach DESY is still by the Number 1 bus (which starts at Bf Altona), and to get off at the stop "Groß Flottbeker Straße", which is the third stop after Othmarschen S-Bahn. From here it is a five minute walk to the DESY main entrance.

First turn right when getting off the bus and then turn left into "Zum Hünengrab" after the Biomarkt:

Head up this road for 5 minutes, avoiding the roadworks:


Until you get to the top and you can see the DESY entrance through the trees next to the Police station.
The porter's office on the right as you go in.


Alternatively, you can enter DESY via the side entrance, if you arrive on the Number 2 or 3 bus, the stop is "Luruper Chaussee/DESY", and is close the Mercure hotel.  This is a bit more of a meandering route, shown below from the gate to the auditorium where the majority of the meeting is taking place, as well as registration on Monday: