April 12, 2024
Europe/Madrid timezone


On April 14th, World Quantum Day is celebrated, a day dedicated to promoting the understanding of quantum science and technology. 

To promote and celebrate the World Quantum Day on April 14th, CENITS COMPUTAEX will organize a joint International Quantum Computer Masterclasses outreach event focused on raising awareness of the transformative power of quantum computing and promoting opportunities in this technological field among young students.

Participants will have the chance to experience firsthand the world of quantum computing and use a Quantum Computer accessed in real-time, provided by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and shared their results with other centers ( CSUC-BSC Barcelona, UV Valencia, CESGA Galicia, UC Cantabria, NASERTIC Navarra,  Portugal, ..)

We have organized a morning session from 10:00 to 14:30 (CEST) open to college or undergraduate students, consisting of:

  • Talks by researchers from different centers explaining the fundamentals and methods of fundamental quantum computing research to a group of students.

  • A practical case allowing students to experience solving a problem by creating a quantum circuit.

  • To conclude the session, a simultaneous session is organized among several international centers (via video conference) where students can discuss their results in a coordinated manner.


*There is a limited number of attendees to participate; please request your registration at the top in the Registration section.


N-521, Km 41, 8 - 10071, Norte, 10004 Cáceres
Registration for this event is currently open.