Workshop on system integration of highly granular and thin vertex detectors

Mont Sainte Odile

Mont Sainte Odile

Hôtel du Mont Sainte Odile, 67530 OTTROTT, France
The purpose of the workshop is to bring together people working in the design of ultra-light vertex and tracking detectors based on monolithic pixel sensors, namely CMOS Pixel Sensors.
The workshop will address topics of sensor R&D and sensor integration, namely the design of ultra-light ladders, cooling, related DAQ and FEE. Moreover, questions of radiation tolerance and device simulation may be discussed.
One session concludes the EU-FP7 HadronPhysics2 research activity "Ultra-light silicon tracking and vertex detection systems" (,
The workshop should serve to exchange experiences and to search for synergies between the different vertex detector projects as carried out for example at CBM and STAR. It will take place at the monastery at the Mont Sainte-Odile close to Strasbourg / France.

Organising committee:
M. Deveaux, I. Fröhlich, J. Stroth, M.Winter
Conference secretary:
M. Frey, Tel: +49 69 798 47023, Mail:
Local support team:
J. Baudot, N. Chon-Sen, A. Geromitsos, C. Hu-Guo, S. Senyukov, G. Voutsinas, M. Winter
  • Angelo Rivetti
  • Artemios Geromitsos
  • Auguste Guillaume Besson
  • Christian Müntz
  • Christina Dritsa
  • Christine Hu-Guo
  • Christoph Schrader
  • Claude Colledani
  • Dennis Doering
  • Dulinski Wojciech
  • elke-caroline Aschenauer
  • Flemming Videbaek
  • Gilles CLAUS
  • Howard Wieman
  • Ingo Fröhlich
  • Jan Michel
  • Jerome Baudot
  • Joachim Stroth
  • Johann Heuser
  • Kai-Thomas Brinkmann
  • Leo Greiner
  • Luciano Musa
  • Marc Winter
  • Mathieu Goffe
  • Michael Deveaux
  • Michal KOZIEL
  • Michal Szelezniak
  • Nathalie CHON-SEN
  • Samir Amar-Youcef
  • Serhiy Senyukov
  • Stephane Bouvier
  • Tobias Tischler
  • Wojciech Dulinski
  • Ye Yuan
  • Yorgos Voutsinas
  • Zhonghua Qin