26-30 March 2012
University of Bonn
Europe/Berlin timezone

Next-to-leading and resummed BFKL evolution with saturation boundary

28 Mar 2012, 10:50
Small Lecture Hall, Mathematical Institute (University of Bonn)

Small Lecture Hall, Mathematical Institute

University of Bonn

Hadronic final states/diffraction and vector mesons Combined: Hadronic final states/diffraction and vector mesons


David Zaslavsky (Penn State University)


We investigate the effects of the saturation boundary on small-x evolution at the next-to-leading order accuracy and beyond. We demonstrate that the instabilities of the next-to-leading order BFKL evolution are not cured by the presence of the nonlinear saturation effects, and a resummation of the higher order corrections is therefore needed for the nonlinear evolution. The renormalization group improved resummed equation in the presence of the saturation boundary is investigated, and the corresponding saturation scale is extracted. A significant reduction of the saturation scale is found, and we observe that the onset of the saturation corrections is delayed to higher rapidities. This seems to be related to the characteristic feature of the resummed splitting function which at moderately small values of x possesses a minimum.

Primary authors

Anna Stasto (Penn State) David Zaslavsky (Penn State University) Emil Avsar (CEA/Saclay)

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