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Luigans Resort, Fukuoka, Japan

Luigans Resort, Fukuoka, Japan

The purpose of the School is to provide young physicists with an opportunity to learn about recent advances in elementary-particle physics from world-leading researchers. It also aims to encourage communications among Asian, European and Pacific-region young researchers. The School will teach High-Energy Physics from an experimental and phenomenological perspective, with a focus on accelerator-based programmes in Europe and Asia, and related fields such as astro-particle physics and cosmological aspects of particle physics. The programme of the school will be at a level appropriate for PhD students in experimental particle physics. It is anticipated that students working on phenomenology (if not too far from particle-physics experiment) will also be accepted. The School will be open to junior post-docs (typically less than two years after completing their PhD), and also advanced MSc students provided their prior knowledge is comparable with that of the principal target audience so that they can benefit from the courses offered at the School. It is expected that up to 100 students will attend the School. The international organisers of the School include representatives from Australia, CERN, China, France, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan. The local organisation of the 2012 School is being supported strongly by KEK and by Kyushu University, with the involvement of some other universities in Japan. Applications to attend the School are invited particularly from students from countries in the Asia-Pacific region and from Europe, although applications from other regions will also be considered.