1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
Europe/Zurich timezone

Process Management in gCube: Supporting Distributed Grid Applications by Service Composition

4 Oct 2007, 14:20
Amsterdam (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


Evangelos Floros (Unknown)


This talk presents gCube's approach to define, run, and optimize complex process-based applications n the Grid. Following the idea of programming-in-the-large, gCube first supports a powerful graphical user interface for the composition of both Grid services and jobs into processes. Second, gCube provides a fully distributed approach to process (workflow) management that avoids any single point of failure and allows to dynamically adjust to changing environments. Third, it includes support for structural process modifications to maximise parallelism during process optimization.

Primary author

Prof. Heiko Schuldt (Universität Basel Switzerland)


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