1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
Europe/Zurich timezone

Round table

5 Oct 2007, 11:00
Nizza (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


The round table will focus on 3 major topics (10' each) and then if extra time, questions from the audience will be taken by the panelists. Topic1: Identifying ways forward in Europe for the convergence toward a community healthgrid platform and infrastructure Topic2: Security and privacy in healthgrids, Common practices in European projects. Emergence of a healthgrid European regulation Topic3: Medical data integration and exploitation in grids. European Technologies and their Integration in the gLite Grid Middleware

Primary author

David Manset (University of the West of England)


Dr Ignacio Blanquer (UPV) Dr Luciano Milanesi (National Research Council - Institute of Biomedical Technologies) Dr Siegfried Benkner (University of Vienna)

Presentation Materials