1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
Europe/Zurich timezone

Best practices in Grid infrastructure testing - Bringing industry-class reliability and quality of service

1 Oct 2007, 16:25
Maastricht (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


Pawel Plaszczak (GridwiseTech)


As Grid installations worldwide enter production phase, they become an attractive target for industry looking to either replicate the technology internally, or outsource their processing and data operations externally. Reliability in Grids is not a trivial issue. On one hand we face a degree of uncertainty due to distribution, while on the other, applications and users require certain quality of service. GridwiseTech works with customers building scalable infrastructure internally or using external Grid resources. Our recent research concerns state-of-the-art practices in testing scalable and distributed resource management infrastructures.

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