1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
Europe/Zurich timezone

NESSI is about transforming the EU economy through Service Oriented business models

1 Oct 2007, 14:40
Maastricht (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


Csilla Zsigri (Atos Origin)


Businesses concentrate on activities where they can gain a competitive advantage. The main focus of NESSI is that of service. All definitions of service are based on the same principle: a service consumer does not own the service and therefore does not need to be concerned with all the aspects generally associated with ownership such as infrastructure, technology, integration and maintenance. What count are the business needs that are waiting to be met by the appropriate service. Technology must be an enabler of service rather than an inhibitor. Enlargement of the European Union and the changing nature of trade with the rest of the world puts a strong emphasis on a multicultural approach to business. Furthermore, the tangible and intangible assets resulting from EU-funded R&D projects must reach the industry and be used by them. NESSI can connect eInfrastructures with industrial users. Companies can contribute to the sustainability of eInfrastructures in different ways and use them in order to improve performance, to gain efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage. eInfrastructures could be part of the ecosystem that NESSI is determined to create. The resulting self-sustained network could operate in a cost-effective way producing even profit and following a kaizen approach without the umbrella of the European Commission.

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