1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
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Top-level Grid Services Monitoring Visualization

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Europe Congress Center

Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary
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Dr Max Böhm (CERN & EDS)

Describe the scientific/technical community and the scientific/technical activity using (planning to use) the EGEE infrastructure. A high-level description is needed (neither a detailed specialist report nor a list of references).

This activity is a part of the CERN openlab / EDS collaboration undertaken together with the CERN IT Grid Deployment group. The purpose of the joint project is carrying out research and development in the field of monitoring, management and operation of grid services, currently with a focus on monitoring.

Describe the added value of the Grid for the scientific/technical activity you (plan to) do on the Grid. This should include the scale of the activity and of the potential user community and the relevance for other scientific or business applications

Reliability of the Grid infrastructure is very important. Top-level management visualizations of grid services monitoring data, which help faster understanding problems and thereby faster being able to take corrective action, help also increasing the reliability of the grid.

Report on the experience (or the proposed activity). It would be very important to mention key services which are essential for the success of your activity on the EGEE infrastructure.

Due to its large and distributed nature, it is very difficult to know and understand the current state of the grid. Currently, a multitude of historically grown tools and agents are used to capture availability data. Existing monitoring tools are based on conventional sorted tables and bar charts, which do not easily provide quick and action oriented oversight and insight into job failures and availability patterns of grid services.

Abstracts for online demonstrations must provide a summary of the demo content. Places for demos are limited and this summary will be used as part of the selection procedure. Please include the visual impact of the demo and highlight any specific requirements (e.g. network connection). In general, a successful demo is expected to have some supporting material (poster) and be capable of running on a single screen or projector.

In this demo we show a prototype of a new Top-level Grid Services Monitoring visualization, which helps better understanding the state of the grid from different VO and geographical perspectives as well as correlations of the monitoring data. The visualization uses a 2 dimensional graphical representation of the monitoring data based on treemaps requiring much less space than conventional table oriented views.

Primary author

Dr Max Böhm (CERN & EDS)


Dr Rolf Kubli (EDS)

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