Scientific Programme

  • Beam-beam experience in hadron colliders

    Beam-beam effects in hadron colliders

  • Beam-beam experience in lepton colliders

    Beam-beam effects in lepton colliders

  • Single Particle Effects I - head-on beam-beam effects

    Incoherent beam-beam effects from head-on collisions with and without crossing angle

  • Single Particle Effects II - parasitic beam-beam effects

    Incoherent beam-beam effects from parasitic and long range interactions

  • Beam-beam compensation schemes

    Compensation of head-on and long range beam-beam effects, coherent and incoherent

  • Strong-strong beam-beam effects

    Strong-strong beam-beam interactions, self-consistent models and coherent effects

  • Theory and simulations

    Beam-beam models, analytical and simulation
    models, single particle and multiparticle simulations

  • Operational aspects of beam-beam effects

    Operational considerations for colliders with strong beam-beam effects (PACMAN, missing collisions, luminosity levelling, ..)

  • Studies for future Projects

    Studies required for future projects (HL-LHC, LHeC, ..)

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