Scientific Program

List of topics

  • 4th generation quarks and leptons
  • Electroweak-scale mirror fermions
  • Vector-like fermions
  • Isosinglet quarks from E6 ,…
  • Little Higgs models
  • Higgs triplet models
  • Next machines: Energy frontier Intensity frontier

Scientific Program Committee

Jean Tran Thanh Van (Rencontres du Vietnam)
P. Q. Hung (Virginia)
Robert Hirosky (Virginia)
Francois Le Diberder (LAL-Orsay)

Craig Dukes (Virginia)
Gad Eilam (Technion)
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)
George Hou (Natl. Taiwan U.)
Alexander Lenz (CERN)
Ulrich Nierste (Karlsruhe)
Goran Senjanovic (Trieste)
Qaisar Shafi (Delaware)

Marc Sher (William and Mary)
Amarjit Soni (Brookhaven Natl. Lab)
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