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Jul 17 – 24, 2013
KTH and Stockholm University Campus
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Bilinear R-Parity Violation: Neutrino physics at the ILC

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KTH and Stockholm University Campus

KTH and Stockholm University Campus

Poster Presentation Higgs and New Physics


Mr Benedikt Vormwald (DESY)


Supersymmetry with bilinearly broken R-parity (bRPV) offers an attractive alternative to R-parity conserved SUSY. With broken R-parity the lightest SUSY particle is no longer stable and can decay into Standard Model particles. The additional new bRPV terms in the Lagrangian introduce a mixing of the neutrino and the neutralino sector, which can account for the current neutrino oscillation data. Thus neutralinos become a probe of the neutrino sector by studying neutralino decays, which give access to neutrino parameters at colliders. We will present an ILC study for the bRPV SUSY model at a centre-of-mass energy of 500 GeV. At the ILC the neutralinos are most efficiently produced in the direct process e+e- -> chi_1^0 chi_1^0. This production mode offers a very clean environment to study the subsequent neutralino decay, which typically involves a W/Z and a lepton. For the analysis, realistic beam parameters were taken into account and a full detector simulation of the International Large Detector (ILD) was performed for the signal and background samples. It will be shown that the achievable precision of the neutralino mixing angle sin^2(theta_23) from measuring the neutralino branching fractions BR(chi_1^0 -> W mu) and BR(chi_1^0 -> W tau) at the ILC is comparable to the current uncertainties from neutrino experiments.

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