Jul 17 – 24, 2013
KTH and Stockholm University Campus
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Instructions for speakers

Instructions for speakers

A) Two days before the session
A.1) Speakers are kindly asked to upload their talks at the latest 48 hours before the talk presentation.

If for some reason you are not able to upload your slides please jump to step A.4

A.2) Only .pdf documents should be uploaded. If you use powerpoint you can save your document as pdf by going to SAVE AS and select pdf format.

A.3) To upload the slides
- go to the conference indico web page and LOGIN (upper right corner)
- go to the menu My Conference --> My Contributions
    (if you do not see "My Conference" either you are not logged in or  
     your LOGIN name does not correspond to the username attached
     to your talk, in the second case please contact: info@eps-hep2013.eu)
- next to your contribution you should see a link "View", click on it
- you should now see more detailed information about your talk, and in the right column you should see a link "Edit files"
- click on edit next to your contribution
- click on the tab Material / Add material.
- Click on browse and nagivate to your talk and select it
- Make sure you select the option Restricted
- Go to the Protection TAB and select the bottom option "The link will be invisible ....".

The session conveners will then make sure that your slides become visible at the right moment.

A.4) In the cases where the speaker is not able to take care of indico then then the speaker should send the slides to the corresponding session conveners by email, see:

B) Same day as the session
B.1) Your slides need to be projected in the conference room and therefore need to be uploaded to the local computer.

B.2) If your slides are not already available on indico you need to come forward to the conveners and scientific secretary well before the start of the session so that the slides can be uploaded to the conference room computer. If your slides are not made available in time your talk might have to be rescheduled.