Apr 15 – 19, 2013
CNAF Bologna (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

Monitoring and Reporting for Gridengine

Apr 16, 2013, 4:10 PM
CNAF Bologna (Italy)

CNAF Bologna (Italy)

Presentation Computing & Batch Services Computing


Wolfgang Friebel (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))


Gridengine does not come with a graphical monitoring tool to watch the activity on the batch farm. Commercial add ons like Arco and Unisight do provide limited monitoring based on the contents of a log file which however does contain only a minimum of information on running jobs. Therefore at DESY a batch monitoring software was developed to fill the gap. The system is in place at DESY for several batch farms (including the National Analysis Farm running Gridengine). It allows users to see the history and status of their active and finished jobs and to look at plots characterizing the batch farm usage over time. Privileged users get access to more details and are able to see job details for users within their groups. This talk will present the features of the monitoring software and discuss possible bottlenecks and plans to enhance the system.


A web based monitoring tool for Gridengine developed at DESY is presented

Primary author

Wolfgang Friebel (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))

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