Feb 11 – 14, 2008
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Charon GUI - Feature Rich Interface to Distinct Grid Niches

Feb 12, 2008, 4:00 PM
Exhibition Hall (<a href="http://www.polydome.org">Le Polydôme</a>, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE)

Exhibition Hall

<a href="http://www.polydome.org">Le Polydôme</a>, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE

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Jan Kmunicek (CESNET)


Charon GUI is Java-based application currently running at specific server that functions as a dedicated frontend/user interface to individual virtual organization on EGEE or national Grid environment. The one and only prerequisite on the server side is to have Java Runtime Environment installed. Charon GUI displays on a remote X-server that can be either Linux OS or MS Windows with X-Window emulator. The full list of Charon GUI features includes key Charon Extension Layer functionality (job submission, monitoring, results retrieval as well as exploration of available application modules) enhanced by the graphical representation. Charon GUI functions as a laboratory book to keep track of end user's research projects and computational jobs allowing full project and/or jobs manipulation. Secondly, the exhaustive job overview and filtering functionality is ready to provide overview of the individual research project progress.

1. Short overview

Here we present a graphical user interface to Charon Extension Layer system - well established framework for computational jobs and application programs management within the generic Grid environment. Charon GUI offers simple and intuitive interface to predefined set of options required for seamless research work in Grid environment in graphical, highly useable and reliable way.

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Charon Extension Layer system, application portfolio, job management, Java, graphical user interface

3. Impact

The development of graghical frontend to all Charon Extension Layer system commands has been shown as a next logical step towards end users satisfaction to provide easy yet powerful way of utilization various Grid resources available worldwide. As the Charon GUI retains the simplicity and usability of the original, command line based Charon Extension Layer system and simultaneously includes a set of new, highly anticipated features, Charon GUI seems to be a potential candidate to influence the direction of Grid resources utilization in a day-to-day research.

4. Conclusions / Future plans

Charon GUI has been developed to provide interactive frontend towards distinct Grid niches and is ready for production release. The modular base of Charon system allows extensibility of Charon GUI too. The further planned development concerning Charon GUI will focus especially on the preparation of remote client version simultaneously with extension of supported grid environments.

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