Oct 1 – 3, 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone

The ECFA High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) Experiments Workshop will be the first of several topical workshops following the CERN Council update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics (CERN-Brochure-2013-004-Eng).
The document states that "Europe's top priority should be the exploitation of the full potential of the LHC including the high-luminosity upgrade of the machine and detectors with a view to collecting ten times more data than in the initial design, by around 2030. This upgrade programme will also provide further exciting opportunities for the study of flavour physics and the quark-gluon plasma."
The focus of this workshop will be on the physics and technology challenges, particularly from the perspective of the experiments, in delivering this exciting programme.

(2013 report at ECFA-13-284 ).