1-3 October 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

As well as introductory talks, overview of the accelerator upgrades and the planning in the four LHC experiments, the workshop will cover the following aspects in relation to the HL-LHC programme:
- physics goals, theoretical developments and required experiment performance reach;
- tracking devices and associated electronics and readout;
- calorimetry and associated electronics and readout;
- muon systems and associated electronics and readout;
- trigger, data acquisition, online and offline computing plus software;
- common electronics and read-out system issues;
- long shutdown constraints, radiation and activation effects;
- accelerator and experiment interface.

The workshop will focus on the physics requirements and subsequent technology research and development needs, with a view towards identifying synergies and common approaches where further collaboration between experiments could be of benefit. The intention is to produce a short report, based on the outcomes of the workshop, to present to the Plenary ECFA meeting of 21st and 22nd November, and to identify areas for further joint HL-LHC workshops.