Oct 20 – 25, 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone
During the next weeks you will get and collect a lot of information about particle physics, CERN and the opportunities how to teach these subjects.  This website collects all relevant information. That is why you might want to access it by CERN's WiFi. How to get access? Choose the WiFi called 'CERN', Then open a web browser. You'll be redirected to the registration page. Please enter here: your Name, a phone number, reason: "Participation in DRTP", how long you'll stay (one week) and a CERN contact, which will be Konrad (First Name) Jende (Name). Make sure you add your WiFi card and then send the request. As soon as I have accepted feel free to surf as fast as you can but do it in compliance of the official CERN computing rules, which you will have to accept.

On our agenda you can find the entire programme of the week and shortly after each event you will find slides of the presentations to download. In case of questions concerning the programme please contact
Javier Santaolalla Camino: javier.santaolalla.camino@cern.ch +41-76-2655463
Konrad Jende: konrad.jende@cern.ch +41-22-76-73247 or +41-76-4870246 (on-site call: 16-0246)

In case of emergency, call 74444 from any CERN phone, which will call CERN's fire brigade. Outside from CERN call 0041-22-76-74444

VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL VISITS: Please wear closed shoes without heels. Pregnant woman and pace maker wearers must not attend the visits to the underground facilities of the LHC. 

Swiss and French plugs and sockets might look different. We can lend you adaptors for the swiss ones. Please see with the hotel concerning the French sockets.

Enjoy your stay at CERN. Take pictures as many as you can and become an ambassador for CERN when going back home: tell everybody about your experience.

To exchange money go to the UBS bank in Building 510.

Every day a bus shuttle will pick you up at 8am from the hotel in the morning and bring you to CERN's restaurant, where you will enjoy your breakfast (with one of the CHF 5,20 meal vouchers). 
In the evening at about 8pm the shuttle is on your demand. Watch out: we have to adapt to your needs and the programme (e.g. entertainment on Monday evening, international evening on Thursday, official dinner on Wednesday). 

Administrative Support (booking of hotel rooms, organization of transports, arrangements with the restaurant etc.) by Maureen Prola-Tessaur - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!