2014 CERN Spring Campus

Universidad de Oviedo

Universidad de Oviedo

Escuela Politecnica de Ingeniería de Gijon - Principado de Asturias (Spain)
Derek Mathieson (CERN) , Eloy Reguero Fuentes (CERN) , Isabel Bejar Alonso (CERN)

CERN Spring Campus

Starting in spring 2014, the CERN Spring Campus brings a new dimension to CERN’s scientific and cultural activities. Over 3 intensive days, this event will bring together experts from around CERN, to meet with future engineers and scientists in a program of scientific and technological dissemination and cultural exchange.

At CERN, we believe that scientific curiosity is an essential part of being human and we wish to share the excitement and enthusiasm of discovery with as wide a public as possible. CERN shows what people can achieve when they come together for a common purpose. The basic technology of the LHC was impossible when the project was conceived, yet today it runs routinely. Such grand challenges are just a normal part of life at CERN, and we want to bring all our expertise and share it with the community.