May 18 – 23, 2014
ROK timezone
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From ICN Airport to DCC or your hotel

*Summary for a bus

  1. Purchase a bus ticket to "Daejeon [대전 (우등)] "with your credit card or Korean cash.
  2. Get off at the Daejeon Government Complex (대전정부청사) bus stop.
    You can proceed to your hotel by taxi.

"From Incheon International Airport  To ICC Hotel"

After you are landed,
you can find several currency exchange offices where you can exchange your money in Korean currency for later use(bus, taxi..)
ATM machines are available in many locations on the first floor.

Buy a ticket for "Daejeon 대전(우등)"at Booth 9
the bus ticket offices indicated by red circular marks in Fig. 2
Cross the road and wait for the bus at Bus Stop 9D (black circular mark in Fig. 2)


Bus schedule and Fare :

22,100 Won (After 22:00, 24,300 Won)
From 06:00am till  11:30pm, every 20-40 minutes.

take a  bus, and  show the Image (Fig. 3) to a driver so that he can notify you when arriving at “Daejeon Cheong Sa” stop(대전정부청사) (Fig 6, 7)
rest for 3hours.

As soon as you arrive at the stop, there will be the taxi stop in 10M ahead.  Take a taxi and show the Image (Fig. 4) to a driver (it means that you want to go to ICC hotel).

Arrive at ICC hotel (Taxi fare is around 5000-8000 KRW).

Check in at ICC. If you need a help or infos, then please visit MC4BSM staff office 202 at Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)-from 18, May at noon.

-------Note that there are several other drop-spot inside Daejeon city, so you need to make sure the right STOP to get off. Even if you miss it, you can get off the bus at the final destination (Daejeon Dong Bu Express Bus Terminal 대전동부복합터미널) and take a taxi from there (Taxi fare will be around 10000 -15000KRW).

Note : Occasionally, there is a short break (15 min) at a highway resting area before getting to Daejeon.

*Taxi fare is around 200000KRW from ICN to ICC 

* Train

You can first go to Seoul station by train (every 30 minutes) and then go to Daejeon station by KTX train. You can buy a combined train ticket to Daejeon at Incheon airport. This method will be more expensive and yet save you at most half an hour. On Friday evening, KTX to Daejeon is usually full.

Incheon International Airport (ICN) → Daejeon Convention Center
Step 1
  From the departures level (1st Floor) at Incheon Airport, find Gate 9.
Step 2
  At Gate number 9 (outside) there should be a little booth that sells bus tickets to Daejeon.
Step 3
  Please get off at the Daejeon Central Government Complex Stop for DCC.
[Map of the Arrival Floor at the ICN]
Information is available at the transportation information counter concerning the timetable of limousine bus between the Incheon Int’l Airport and Daejeon, as well as the purchase of the bus ticket.
Bus Stop Route Name Station Depature Time Required Fee Interval
Interval Last
1stFloor 9D Daejeon Do-Ryong-Dong, Daejeon Government Complex, Dongboo Cross-Country Bus Terminal Center. 04:00 19:10 (2h 30min) KRW 14,500 KRW 22,000 30 min.
  ※ The fare for one way ticket is KRW 14,500 or KRW 21,800 according to the limousine class.
Arrival in Daejeon
  - The airport bus proceeds directly to Daejeon.
  - There are multiple stops in Daejeon.
  - The nearest bus stop to Yuseong is “Government Complex”.
  - You may take a taxi from the bus stop at overnment Complex   to the hotels in Yuseong.   (Travel time: approx. 10min; fare: ₩6,000~₩9,000)
Airport Railroad & KTX (Korea Train Express)
[Transportation Center]
From Incheon International Airport to KTX Seoul Station
Airport Railroad Express is operating between Incheon International Airport and Seoul station. For further information, please contact Airport Railroad Express 82-32-745-7788 or visit
KTX (Korea Train Express)
Type Route Distance(km) Time Required Remarks
KTX Seoul - Daejoen 166.8 50 min KTX Timetables
  ※ For further information, please visit website of the KORAIL(Korea Railroad):
on Station to Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)
  • Taxi Stands: Taxi stands are located on the Daejeon level (1Fl.) at the passenger terminal. • Depart: Daejeon Convention Center (Estimated travel time: 30 minutes). • Estimated fare: Standard Taxi: KRW 12,000.