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Aug 11 – 22, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
During the past few years, there have been extensive studies on exactly calculable quantities of supersymmetric gauge theories in diverse dimensions, where one key for the success was the localization technique. Many old and challenging problems were revisited, and new territories are being explored with help of exactly calculable observables. Such breakthroughs have been seen in diverse dimensions: quantum mechanical studies leading to deep insights on wall-crossing, 2d GLSM and their implications to string theory, a large class of 3d/4d gauge theories with much new insights on their nonperturbative properties, and the studies on the enigmatic 6d (2,0) theory. Some of the key observables are various manifestations of equivariant indices, partition functions on compact manifolds such as on spheres, expectation values of extended supersymmetric operators, and so on. With the field exploding rapidly and broadly, it is timely to gather the experts for sharing insights and broad perspectives. This workshop is funded jointly by CERN and by the Korean Government under the CERN-Korea Collaboration agreement. Organizers: S. Kim, W. Lerche, B. Pioline, P. Yi
4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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