May 14 – 16, 2014
University of Pennsylvania
US/Eastern timezone

Multi-Gigabit Low-Power Radiation-Tolerant Data Links for High Energy Physics Experiments

May 15, 2014, 10:30 AM
25' presentation + 5' for discussion

25' presentation + 5' for discussion

Oral presentation


Mr Merritt Miller (UCSB)


This work presents data link technologies that are capable of multi-gigabit data-transmission rates in the harsh environments typical of High Energy Physics (HEP) experiments. The presented modules are IP cores -- designs that can be incorporated into HEP ASICs to enable fast data transfer. We developed two data link versions in a 130nm CMOS process. A low-power 1Gbps serializer and deserializer that work at ~1mW each, a pair of transmit and receive differential 3GHz I/O drivers that consume 6mW and 22mW respectively. An additional 5Gbps data link has been developed. The data link is based on a 8mW serializer integrated with a 35 mW for transmitter and a 5mW deserializer integrated with a 5 mW receive amplifier. The 5Gbps link uses a unique pseudo-synchronous encoding, allowing it to operate asynchronously for short bursts, 4 bits at a time in our implementation. This operating mode does not require a high-speed clock in either transmit or receive devices. Projections for behavior at the 65 nm node are also presented.

Primary author

Mr Merritt Miller (UCSB)


Dr Forrest Brewer (UCSB) Mr Guido Magazzu (INFN - Sezione di Pisa) Mr Wang Di (UCSB)

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