5-7 May 2014
University of Pittsburgh
US/Eastern timezone

New W-prime signals at the LHC

6 May 2014, 17:45
Benedum Hall G28 (University of Pittsburgh)

Benedum Hall G28

University of Pittsburgh



Natascia Vignaroli (Michigan State University)


We study the $W^{'}$ phenomenology in composite Higgs / warped extra dimensional models focusing on the effect of fermionic resonances at the TeV scale. After deriving the existing bounds from the current LHC-8 analyses, we highlight the most promising signatures for $W^{'}$ discovery at the 14 TeV LHC. In particular, we find very promising the study of $W^{'}$ decay modes into vector-like top partners.

Primary author

Natascia Vignaroli (Michigan State University)

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