Paper Submission Instructions

Instructions for submission 

Submission deadline is: November 15, 2014

Submission website  :

Select 'SI: RESMDD14'  when reached the "Article  Type" step in the submission process.

Paper length - Considering a NIM A journal paper templates (WORD TEX) number of pages of the contribution should be approximately up to: 

- 4 pages for posters                                 - 5 pages for oral contributions    

- 6 pages for invited contributions 

In addition:

1. All manuscript must include line numbering.
2. Since the printed version of the Proceedings will be in grey scale, all figures (also those in colour) must be grey-scale compliant. This means that, for example, several lines in a plot should have not just different colours but different line types as well.

For Latex submissions:
1. allowed figure formats are only .eps and .pdf. Any other format will cause the built-in compiler to fail compilation.
2. when including a figure in the manuscript, the full extension of the file must be written explicitly or compilation will fail:
includegraphics[figure] NO
includegraphics[figure.eps] YES