Status of Higgs coupling strength determination from ATLAS and CMS

25 Aug 2015, 18:10
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Higgs Theory and Experiment Higgs Expt., Theory and Phenomenology


Maria Moreno Llacer (Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen (DE))


Since the discovery of a Higgs boson by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC, the emphasis has shifted towards measurements of its couplings in order to determine whether the new particle is the Standard Model Higgs boson. Combined analyses of the Higgs boson production and decay rates as well as of its coupling strengths to vector bosons and fermions have been performed using 7 TeV and 8 TeV pp collision data collected in 2011 and 2012. In this talk a review of the Higgs coupling strength determination will be presented.

Primary author

Maria Moreno Llacer (Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen (DE))

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